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West Texas A&M University – The Military and Veteran Friendly Destination in the Texas Panhandle. 

WTAMU has embarked on revised Military and Veteran programming to increase total awareness of Veteran and Military Affiliated Student presence and contributions. Strategies include hiring a Community Coordinator to address and develop programming specific to Veteran and Military Affiliated student academic success. Creating a Center of Excellence for Student Veteran Success and moving the Military and Veteran Services office to a central location with increased visibility, and functionally more accessible for all students. A revision of university policies focusing on Veterans in Admissions, Advising, Enrollment, Housing, New Student Orientation, and other critical resources for student success are included.

The WTAMU Military and Veteran Services created an extensive network of internal and external resource links to sustain our student’s ability to focus on their studies. Networks exist with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Texas Veterans Commission, Student Veterans of America, and the internal Texas A&M System, which supports all Texas A&M System Veteran and Military Affiliated Student programming.

Our Canyon campus has a particular area for student Veterans to study or relax between classes. This area supports the Military Affiliated Student population and offers computers, desks, large tables for group projects, and a living room area with television and games available. Most of our student Veterans are commuter students, and having a specific area to spend time with other Veterans to study or discuss topics is an advantage in supporting student Veterans success.

The creation of Green Zones throughout the campus and the associated training are providing staff, faculty, and students with new knowledge on addressing and supporting the potentially unique needs of student Veterans. These identified areas indicate to all students the existence and location of a safe harbor for Student Veterans or any student experiencing a personal crisis or emergency.

WTAMU arranged with the local panhandle region Community Colleges to support transfer students pursuing bachelor’s degrees. The Destination WT initiative facilitates Community College students’ abilities to move forward with additional degree programs. WTAMU recently partnered with the Community College of the Air Force to support active duty airmen that have achieved an Associate of Applied Science and wish to further their advanced education through a distance learning program with WTAMU.

Ultimately, WTAMU seeks to develop a significant campus area to create a Center of Excellence for Student Veteran Success and include a textbook lending library, onsite Veteran resources, such as visiting VA staff to provide on campus counseling to student Veterans and others with questions or concerns.

Please consider visiting the WTAMU website and learning about the Military and Veteran Services programs (below) working to make a difference in our students’ lives. Donation links are available to receive a contribution of your treasure to support Veteran and Military Affiliated Student success.

Areas of Need

WT Student Veteran Association  
Buff Veteran Scholarships  
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Quick Facts

The Veteran and Military Affiliated Student population of 578 students at WTAMU counts toward a total of 6.23% of the entire student population.

Our students range in age from 17 to 75 years.The average age of our students on Active Duty is 29, for our student Veterans the average is 35, and our family members bring up a more traditional college age of 22.

Our students originate from every region of the United States and represent every race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability or ability. The Veterans and Military Affiliated Students present a true cross section of our American society and characterize the finest example of diversity in the Texas panhandle.

  • 28.2% are of Hispanic ethnicity
  • 47.23% are female
  • 3.25% are First Generation College Students

The major academic programs pursued by our students are:

  • Business – 6.06%
  • Management – 5.88%
  • Pre-Engineering – 3.81%
  • Health Sciences/Nursing – 3.63%