The LEAD WT (Leadership Education and Development) program was created to challenge high achieving students to further develop their leadership potential. The first cohort of LEAD Scholars began the program in August 2012, thanks to a generous grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation. Dyke and Terry Rogers graciously endowed the program in 2014 with a one million dollar gift to the University that officially created the Dyke and Terry Rogers Leadership Education and Development program or Rogers LEAD WT. 

Up to 25 students are accepted as LEAD Scholars every year, after an extensive application and interview process.  The program takes two years to complete and includes three main areas: academic, student service, and real-world application. 

  1. Academic:  Students will complete four 1-hour credit courses (one per long semester) to learn about leadership theory.  Eight hours of approved coursework will also be required to complete the program.  These courses vary depending on a student's major.
  2. Student Service:  Students will work as a team on a significant project to benefit our campus and community.
  3. Real World Application:  Students will complete an internship experience, and will participate in activities such as an etiquette dinner, networking events, and public speaking opportunities.

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In order to complete the program, Rogers LEAD WT Scholars must complete the following as outlined on the Checklist:

  1. Complete four (4), one-hour Leadership Courses with the other Rogers LEAD WT Scholars. One course will be offered each long semester.

    2. Complete eight additional credit hours of approved leadership coursework. These courses may be offered as a part of a student's degree requirements, or students may take courses outside of their major to complete the requirements when necessary.

    3. Complete an approved internship experience.  

    4. Participate in all required program events, including but not limited to, an orientation/training, an etiquette dinner, a networking event, a graduation reception, and two other events assigned by the Rogers LEAD WT administration. 

    5. Work with a group to complete a significant service project, and make a presentation about the experience.

 Rogers LEAD WT Scholars should expect to spend between 10-15 hours each month to complete the requirements of the program.  This time may increase while LEAD Scholars are completing their internship.


Rogers LEAD WT Mission

Rogers LEAD WT challenges students to develop their leadership potential through a focused and engaging study of leadership theory along with a meaningful internship and program activities, and provides opportunities for the practical application of these skills through service. 

After earning the Leadership Certificate from West Texas A&M University, Rogers LEAD Scholars will be confident in their ability to lead, prepared for exceptional employment opportunities, eager to serve in their communities, and determined to make a difference in others' lives.  And, as a result of their example, other WT students will desire opportunities to develop their own leadership potential.  

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Rogers LEAD WT Core Values

As we strive to develop our leadership potential, Rogers LEAD Scholars are committed to the following Core Values:

  1. We act with integrity. This is the foundation of good leadership, and the most important of our core values.  Therefore, we will strive to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular.  We are ethical, respectful, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, honest, and disciplined professionals.   We will represent both Rogers LEAD WT and West Texas A&M University in a positive way.
  2. We serve. We recognize that our leadership development matters only if we are using what we learn through Rogers LEAD WT to make a positive difference in our University, our communities, our nation, and our world.   We will show compassion and be free from prejudice as we serve others.
  3. We strive for excellence. We will commit to always doing our best.  We will be courageous and risk boldly.  Furthermore, we will work hard, take initiative, show determination, and persevere.  We expect to be held accountable, and we crave feedback for self-improvement. 
  4. We work together. We challenge and support each other to achieve our personal, academic, and career goals.  We insist on good communication, respect, and grace for one another as we learn to lead.  Arrogance will not be tolerated in our group.
  5. We dream big, and plan to succeed. In order to reach our potential, we will have a bold vision for our future.  We know that brilliance, luminosity, passion, creativity, ingenuity and ambition are difference-makers.  We will not allow fear to keep us in our comfort zone.