WT Admittance to Begin Including High School Principal Recommendations

Apr 04, 2019

CONTACT: Jeff Baylor, 806-651-5288,

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WT Admittance to Begin Including High School Principal Recommendations


CANYON, Texas—West Texas A&M University is launching the WT Principal’s Scholars (WTPS) program that invites every high school principal in the Region 16 Service Center to select five students from each of their schools for admission to WT.

This twofold plan will provide more opportunities to students from many backgrounds, who may not have considered college before or who may need a degree to achieve particular career goals, and it will sustain the growth of the Texas Panhandle by increasing educational attainment in the region.

"By including the high school principals in the college process, we empower them to help influence a student’s future beyond high school. And who better select students for college readiness than the administrators of their last four years of study? I’m eager to work with these principals and nominated students moving forward," Jeffrey Baylor, executive director of WT Admissions, said.

Principals will partner with WT recruiters and administrators to provide broad support to the students in high school. With a few exceptions, students will need to meet the following general criteria:

  1. Meet Texas Uniform Admission Policy
  2. Top 25% -- no minimum ACT/SAT score
    26 - 50% -- 18 ACT or 960 SAT
    51 - 75% -- 21 ACT or 1060 SAT
    76 - 100% -- 23 ACT to 1130 SAT
  3. 2.0 GPA

In addition to an express admission process to WT, selected students also will be granted an application fee waiver and given scholarship consideration.

For more information, please contact WT Admissions at 806-651-2020 or