Enactus Team Earns Top 10 Finish at National Competition

May 30, 2017
  • Business

CONTACT:    Dr. Emily Hammer, 806-651-2504,


CANYON, Texas—West Texas A&M University’s Enactus team finished its competitive season as second runner-up in the semifinal round for a ninth-place berth at the Enactus National Championship in Kansas City, Mo. The WTAMU team was one of 450 national teams competing at the event. 

Enactus is a community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Enactus competitions support that mission with up to 17-minute presentations regarding student-managed projects centered around creating sustainable change in local communities and around the world.

"This team has worked hard throughout the year on their projects, their public speaking and all of the team should be extremely proud of this accomplishment. I know that we as advisers are beyond proud of everything they have accomplished," Dr. Emily Hammer, co-adviser for the team, said.  

Projects highlighted for the West Texas A&M University Enactus team this year include establishing a Work Readiness Credential testing site in Amarillo, providing citizenship classes in the local refugee population, developing a platform for providing meals to the local homeless communities, creating a business to support the efforts of Yellow City Community Outreach, hosting an event for college students to present innovative business ideas in partnership with the WT Enterprise Center and the student-run boutique marketing agency, Media Minds.  

Dr. Emily Hammer, Miller Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Tawni Buhler, instructor of business communication and marketing, serve as the team’s advisers. Team members are listed by hometown and major.

Rigo Baeza, B.B.A. in economics
Magan Barnett, B.B.A. in marketing
Jason Clark, B.B.A. in management
T'Reya Espinoza, B.B.A. in marketing
Crystal Gonzalez, B.S. in social work
Joel Klein, B.B.A. in accounting
Adam Mora, B.B.A. in management
Kelsey Pruett, B.B.A. in management
Salvador Ruiz, B.B.A. in marketing
Peter Stefanski, B.B.A. in international business

Trevor Fleeman, B.B.A. in computer information systems
Walters Nguoa, B.B.A. in computer information systems

Emily Gallaway, B.B.A. in management

Ame Van Mourik, B.B.A. in general business
Marlene Van Mourik, B.B.A. in management

Carlos Aguirre, M.B.A. in marketing

Fort Worth
Ryan Habinak, B.B.A. in general business

Paige Chambers, B.S. in health science

Immokalee, Fla.
Joslin Alberique, B.S. in sports and exercise sciences

Adhi Viriya, M.B.A. in computer information systems

Evans Langat, B.B.A. in finance and accounting

Vanessa Mendoza, B.S. in civil engineering
Mitzy Ramirez, B.B.A. in international business

Nick Lynch, M.B.A.

Saru Pahari, M.B.A.

New Braunfels
Sara Koepp, B.B.A. in international business

New Deal
Garrett Pharr, B.B.A. in marketing

Enrique Mier, M.B.A.

Polson, Mont.
Elise Tolley, B.B.A. in economics

Steven Howard, B.B.A. in general business

Quarkertown, Pa.
Romy Simeu, B.B.A. in general business

Rochester, Minn.
Breanna Grebin, B.S. in agribusiness
Heather Grebin, B.B.A. in marketing

Jale Blackwell, B.B.A. in international business

Collin Evans, B.B.A. in management

Pat Paisamchittpat, M.B.A.

Ethan Nguyen, M.B.A.
Ha Tran, B.S. in civil engineering

Veronica Carillo, M.B.A.

Khortni Brooks, B.B.A. in accounting

Emmanuel Masona, B.B.A. in international business