Development Grant Application Form

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WTAMU Foundation Development Grant Application Form

The West Texas A&M University Foundation will not be accepting faculty grant applications for fiscal year 21 (FY21). Amid the COVID-19 pandemic changes and challenges, the Faculty Grants Committee funded faculty development through the Provost’s Office to ensure continuation of the Board’s commitment to invest in WT faculty. Notification regarding the faculty grant application process for FY22 (beginning September 1, 2021) will be issued over the summer.


WTAMU Foundation Development Grant Application Form

WTAMU Foundation was established in 1946 to support West Texas A&M University and its students by seeking, receiving, and administering gifts and grants in order to advance the mission of the University.

The Foundation accepts applications for WTAMU Foundation Development Grants twice each year. The review process can take several weeks and additional information may be requested. All applications are scored based on the following criteria:

  1. Sufficient information on proposed professional development activity or project                    
  2. Impact of activity or project on students, professional development and WTAMU  
  3. Supportive and satisfactory statement of need               
  4. Adequate and realistic budget (eg: Food $___, Registration $___, Travel $___, Hotel $___, Equipment $___, etc.)

Award recipients will generally be notified within 60 days of the deadline. Allowable uses of funds include but are not limited to: research materials, publication needs, technology, travel for conferences, conference fees, and curriculum support. The Foundation will receive many worthy applications but only a limited number will be funded each year depending on the availability of funds.

Please Note:
  1. Only one application may be submitted each grant cycle.
  2. Your Department Head must approve the proposed project or activity prior to submitting an application.
  3. Maximum Request: $1,500 for spring 2021
  4. Minimum Request: $250
  5. This is a reimbursement grant program. Receipts must be provided for all reimbursements (including meals). If approved, funds will be reimbursed to the department
  6. WTAMU Foundation Development Grants are approved for a specific purpose. Grant funds remaining, after allowable costs are reimbursed, are retained by the WTAMU Foundation.
  7. Please do not include your name or names of other WTAMU employees in the body of the application.
  8. WTAMU Foundation Development Grants are not intended to replace departmental funding.
  9. Grant recipients who have received a cumulative of five grants from the WTAMU Foundation must wait two (2) years from the date of their last WTAMU Foundation Development Grant award letter before applying again for a grant.
  10. WTAMU Foundation Development Grant are not available to fund advanced degrees.
  11. Failure to provide a grant report (within a year of the date of the grant award letter) will negatively impact future consideration of WTAMU Foundation Development Grants.


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