University Planning and Assessment Committee

Committee Charge

The University Planning and Assessment Committee reviews and updates the University Strategic Plan. Annually, the committee assesses progress made on achieving the current goals and approves the University's Annual Report. Based upon recommendations of the University Planning and Assessment Steering Committee, the committee reviews and amends, as appropriate, the environmental scan for the University, and university-wide goals and objectives. Every four years, the committee reviews the mission statement of the University. In addition, the committee is responsible for developing a master plan of university physical facilities for recommendation to the president. The mission statement of the University is submitted to The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents every four years. Minutes of each meeting shall be posted on the Intranet of the University's website at Committee Minutes.


Committee Membership

Voting Members

  1. Chair, President: Walter V. Wendler

    President's Cabinet Members:

  2. Executive Vice President and Provost*: Dr. Neil Terry

  3. Vice President for Business and Finance: Randy Rikel

  4. Vice President for Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success: Mike Knox

  5. Vice President for Research and Compliance and Dean of the Graduate School and

    Research*: Dr. Angela Spaulding

  6. Vice President for Philanthropy and External Relations: Dr. Todd Rasberry

  7. Vice President for Strategic Relations: Dr. Brad Johnson

  8. Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer: James Webb

  9. Director of Athletics: Michael McBroom

  10. Director of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum: Dr. Jessica Mallard (interim)

  11. Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer: Angela Allen

  12. Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice President for Strategic Communication: Tracee Post

    Academic Deans' Council Members*:

  13. Dean of the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences: Dr. Kevin Pond

  14. Dean of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business: Dr. Amjad Abdullat

  15. Dean of the College of Education and Social Sciences: Dr. Eddie Henderson

  16. Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences: Dr. Dirk Nelson

  17. Dean of the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics: Dr. Emily Hunt

  18. Dean of the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities: Dr. Jessica Mallard

  19. Associate Provost: Dr. Amy Andersen

  20. Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs: Melissa White

    Other Members:

  21. Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Jarvis Hampton

  22. President of Faculty Senate: Dr. Jeffry Babb (May 1, 2020-May 1, 2021)

  23. President of Student Body: Seth Rodriguez (May 1, 2020-May 1, 2021)

  24. President of Staff Council: Carolina Galloway (May 1, 2020-May 1, 2021)

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The goals and strategies detailed in the University’s five-year strategic plan, The Pioneering Spirit: Pursuit of WT 125, aim to achieve the mission as laid out in the University’s long-range plan, WT 125: From the Panhandle to the World.