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Spring 2007

Here are the notes:

2007-03-26 Most of the following are scanned examples and notes. They are PNG files, which should open in any recent browser. They are scanned at 300 dpi, scaling has been a bit of a problem but if you use a print preview and scale to about 25 percent, they should fit on a page: On Wed. 2007-03-28 I plan to overview the way more general complex functions are defined, a topic not touched on in the book. Here is a draft of an article about that: Complex functions and multifunctions. This has been updated Wed. morning with more figures.

Homework for residues: 070328_HW.pdf I originally had this due Friday, Apr. 6, but I forgot that Easter was this close, so it is due Monday, Apr. 9, since there probably won't be anyone here Friday either. The problems are fairly short and just like the examples, so you can probably get it done early.

Here is a single-sheet: Basic terminology and formulas for complex variables (PDF).

'07-04-02 (Monday)We started on Ch. 15 -- Fourier analysis, covering section 15.1. We also talked about analogies with finite vector spaces.

The fourier series applet is here.

'07-04-04 (Wednesday)We will briefly continue talking about vector and function spaces and the complex form of Fourier series.

We will also go over some concepts and properties of the Dirac delta function. Chapter 14 covers this in detail but we mainly just want results, in particular equations 14.11,17,20,24, and 31.

There is an uncorrected error in Ch. 14: on page 206, bottom paragraph under problem a, the sentence should be: 'This expression states that the "surface area" under the delta frequence is one.'

Here is Test 2,

due Tuesday, April 17.

'07-04-13: Here is some info on Fourier transform conventions for the most common systems, with some pointers to resources on the web. This is a work in progress, covering differences between the various locations of pi, etc.

The Final Exam is here. It is due Wednesday, May 2.

The Errata page for the textbook.


Math formulary (PDF)

Physics formulary (PDF)

These are free formula compendia off of the web. The original address is in the introduction to each file. I will probably replace them with links to the original site soon.

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