Registrar Transcripts

Transcript and Replacement Diploma Request

Transcripts and replacement diplomas cannot be ordered over the phone.

Per federal law, only students themselves may request transcripts. Parents, guardians, spouses, and other third parties may not request transcripts on behalf of a student and doing so may constitute fraud.

The following documents are available for online ordering through our Parchment service: paper transcripts, eTranscripts (certified pdf), replacement diplomas, and notarized documents for Apostilles.

Students not enrolled at WTAMU in the current term are required to order their transcripts through the online system.

Transcripts are available in paper format or as an eTranscript delivered via email through our secure, electronic PDF delivery process.   eTranscripts are digitally signed which is reflected in the blue ribbon found on the top of the document.  The digital certification requires the computer used for viewing be connected to the internet to refresh the certificate.  IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT TO BE SENT TO A BUSINESS, SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE RECIPIENT AND RECIPIENT E-MAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED SHOULD BE THAT OF THE ORGANIZATION OF INTENDED RECEIPT.   THE DOCUMENT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED OFFICIAL IF SENT TO A PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS AND THEN FORWARDED ELSEWHERE. When printed or forwarded, the copy will say "Copy of Official" - it is only certified official in the electronic format to the original recipient.

Holds will prevent transcripts, diplomas, or Apostilles from being released.

Payment for fees must be completed with a credit or debit card.   A processing fee of $3.55 is charged for the Certified PDF version of transcripts and  $4.55 for Official paper transcripts.   FedEx delivery is available for an additional charge, but students may be able to meet their needs with the Certified PDF. A processing fee of $28.55 is charged for replacement diplomas.

Currently enrolled students may opt to request a paper transcript in person at the Office of the Registrar in Old Main without charge.  These orders are taken over the counter Monday - Friday during normal office hours and are available for pickup at the office on Fridays between 9am and 5pm. Currently enrolled students may also request official paper transcripts via their student Buff email account. An email request must include the student's name, Buff ID number, the number of transcripts requested, and if the student will pick up their transcript on the following Friday or if they want their transcript mailed (please include the recipient's name and full mailing address).

WTAMU serves as the repository for transcripts from the now defunct Northwest Texas Hospital nursing program. Students who need this transcript should note NWTH in the degree field when ordering the paper copy.