Applying for Scholarships

WTAMU Scholarships are administered centrally. To apply or learn more, visit the Scholarships page of the University website.

Due dates are traditionally early in the Spring Semester. Scholarships are awarded based on need, academic performance, and other factors, depending on the requirements of the individual instrument. 

About Our Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded annually by the EPML Scholarships committee to students who applied using the University's centralized scholarships application. 



Loula Grace Erdman Memorial Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate students who show unusual promise in creative writing.

Evelyn and Kenneth E. Frieze English Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate English majors who demonstrate a love of language and literature as personified in Evelyn Frieze.

Dr. Ples Harper Memorial  Scholarship

Must be a Spanish majors planning a career in teaching or pursuing a graduate degree.  Recipient must have completed 60 hours of college course work, i.e., junior standing.

A. K. Knott Scholarship

Junior or senior English majors who show unusual promise for teaching.

Mattie Swayne Mack Scholarship

Graduates who plan graduate work in English at WTAMU; need and scholarship will be considered. 

Helen White Moore Scholarship Fund

Junior or senior English majors who show promise for teaching are eligible. 

Richard and Donna Moseley English Academic Scholarship

Recipient will be a full-time English major with a strong academic record.

Pat Sullivan Scholarship

English or English education majors.

Marie D. Tarrab Memorial Scholarship

Junior, senior or graduate language major planning a career in Spanish.  Recipient must have completed at least two semesters at WTAMU.  

Arlin Turner Memorial Scholarship

Deserving junior or senior English majors.

C. W. Forman and Louise Forman Endowed Scholarship

Recipient must be a junior, senior or graduate student; major in one of the humanities; minimum course load of 12 hours per semester.  Financial need is a consideration.

Mary Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund

Junior, senior or graduate student; any major; an interest and love of Hispanic things, travel abroad, and foreign languages; completed at least two regular semesters at WTAMU; must take or have taken at least two semesters of Spanish at WTAMU. 

Greater Texas Foundation-Dr. Sue Park Removing Educational Barriers Scholarship

Recipient must be enrolled a minimum of 12 hours per semester and must be a College of Fine Arts and Humanities major, preference will be given based on need.

Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities Scholarship Fund

Scholarships to support Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities majors.