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PACE is a highly respected, university-based, online Texas teacher certification program that offers:

  • Full Texas Teacher Certification within 12 Months
  • Online Courses
  • Graduate Course Credit leading to a master's degree
  • Job Alerts and Career Counseling
A Guide for Teacher Certification through PACE.
PACE is the most affordable teacher certification in Texas.
Further your education with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.


Office of Teacher Preparation
(806) 651-2668
Pyxa Sovilay
PACE Coordinator
Old Main 415B
(806) 651-2613
Gilbert Antunez
Assistant Director of Educator Preparation
Old Main 418E
(806) 651-2908
Dr. Russell F. Miller
Executive Director of Educator Preparation
Old Main 413A
(806) 651-2908