Link Policy and Privacy Statement

Link Policy and Privacy Statement

Link Policy

West Texas A&M University is committed to abiding by the link policy set forth by the Texas Administrative Code Rule §206.74.

In accordance with the recommendations from T.A.C. Rule §206.74 the following disclaimer and guidelines are applicable to all webpages pertaining to

Disclaimer: West Texas A&M University disclaims responsibility for the accessibility, security or content accuracy of information for external (non website content. The liability of such pages rests on the site owner of the respective site.

External Website Content

In instances where West Texas A&M University, or its entities, manage content on external webpages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter or external website) the accuracy of information is entrusted to the applicable site administrator(s). These site administrators are employees of West Texas A&M University and by this employment agree to WTAMU's values of Honesty, Hard Work and Integrity. Any misrepresentation of West Texas A&M University, or its entities, on these or any other medium by WTAMU employees or non-employees should be reported to the Office of Communication and Marketing, West Texas A&M University disclaims the responsibility for inaccurate or misleading information (including copyright violations, slander, libel, defamation and invasion of privacy) on external webpages. The responsibility of such actions rests on the individual.

Accessibility of External Content 

West Texas A&M University has assembled an accessibility workgroup committed to making its electronic and information resources (EIR) accessible for all users in accordance with Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d), Texas Government Code Chapter 2054, Subchapter M, and the standards and specifications set forth by Texas Administrative Code Title 1, Chapter 206, Subchapter C, §§206.70 – 206.71 (TAC 206) and Texas Administrative Code Title 1, Chapter 213, Subchapter C, §§213.30 – 213.41 (TAC 213). Visit WTAMU's Accessibility page for more information.

WTAMU does not have direct control over the accessibility of external content and therefore disclaims any responsibility in the neglect or absence of standards set forth for institutions of higher education by the state or federal government. In instances where West Texas A&M University, or its entities, manage content on external webpages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter or external websites) administrator(s) should abide by the guidelines set by the Office of Communication and Marketing to ensure the most accessible content available on the medium. Questions or concerns should be addressed to the web communication manager,

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to the WTAMU homepage - and any page within the University's site linking to it. Since the WTAMU web community consists of external websites, other websites may adopt different privacy and security statements as their specific needs require. The WTAMU website,, contain links to various external websites. The University is not responsible for the privacy and security practices or the content of external websites linked to.

West Texas A&M University respects your privacy and is committed to ensuring that any personal or confidential information that is collected is kept accurate and secure from unauthorized access. The University's homepage, and any other webpage, does not collect personal information about visitors. We may, however, use third party analytics services that may use browser cookies to annomyously collect and track site usage information. This information is then analyzed as an aggregate, and no personally identifiable information is collected.

Information Gathered by WTAMU
Personal information that you provide via email or through other online means will be used only for purposes necessary to serve your needs, such as responding to an inquiry or other request for information. This may involve redirecting your inquiry or comment to another person or department better suited to meeting your needs.

Our site does use server logs to collect information concerning your internet connection and general information about your visit to our website. This information may be used to analyze trends; to create summary statistics for the purpose of determining technical design specifications; and to identify system performance or problem areas.

This means we sometimes acquire, record, and analyze portions of the data that is entered into, stored on, and/or transmitted through this site by you. This information is only released – when legally required – to help law enforcement investigations, legal proceedings or internal investigations of WTAMU rule and regulation violations. These groups would use the information to track the electronic interactions back to the source computer(s) or account(s).

A cookie file contains unique information that a website can use to track such things as passwords, pages you have visited, the date you last looked at a specific page, and to identify your session at a particular website. We do not use cookies to track or collect any information that could personally identify individual visitors.

Server Log Information
The following information is collected from server logs for analysis. Note that other servers across campus might collect different data elements.

  • User/client hostname - The hostname (or IP address if DNS is disabled) of the user/client requesting access
  • HTTP header, "user agent" - The user-agent information includes the type of browser, its version, and the operating system it is running on
  • HTTP header, "referrer" - The referrer specifies the page from which the client accessed the current page
  • System date - The date and time of the user/client request
  • Full request - The exact request the user/client made
  • Status - The status code the server returned to the user/client
  • Content length - The content length, in bytes, of the document sent to the user/client
  • Method - The request method used
  • Universal Resource Identifier (URI) - The location of a resource on the server
  • Query string of the URI - Anything after the question mark in a URI
  • Protocol - The transport protocol and version used

Access to Information
Except for education records governed by FERPA, all information collected from this website, including the summary server log information, emails sent to the website, and information collected from web-based forms, may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act. This means that while WTAMU does not actively share information, but in some cases may be compelled by law to release information gathered from its web servers.

The Texas Public Information Act, with a few exceptions, gives you the right to be informed about the information that this website collects about you. It also gives you the right to request a copy of that information, and to have the university correct any information that is wrong. You may request to receive and review any of that information, or request corrections to it, by contacting Gary Barnes, WT Box 60188, Canyon, Texas, 79016, at 806-651-2095.


In accordance with T.A.C. Rule §206.74, with few exceptions, state law gives you the right to request, receive, review and correct information about yourself collected by forms.

Extensive security measures consistent with the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) "Information Security Standards" and WTAMU Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures have been employed to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of information under our control, as well as the loss, misuse, or alteration of this website and/or associated electronic information resources. The information resources that support this site undergo an annual information security risk assessment via the Information Security Awareness Assessment and Compliance (ISAAC) system. The ISAAC system is used to assess the security posture of information systems and measure compliance with information security standards.
View our Security Policy.

If you have any questions about the practices of this site or your use of this website, please contact:


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