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General Guides to Texas Websites

Texas Record and Information Locator (TRAIL)
TRAIL searches and locates information from more than 180 Texas state agency web servers.
About Texas
Internet information for/from/about the Lone Star State. From the Texas State Library.
Discover (
Indexes links by topics such as Recreation and Travel, Maps and Photos, Facts and History, Education, Demographics, Consumer Protection and Public Safety, Public Records, Elections and Voting, Consumer Protection and Public Safety, Employment and Jobs, Assistance and Benefit Programs, and even Genealogy.

Government Sites
Official home page for Texas government. Includes links to agency home pages, general information about the state, how to do business with the Texas government, tourism news, and local government sites.
State and Local Government Information on the Net: Texas
Nongovernment web site with links to legislative, judicial, and executive branch sites, as well as regional, county and city pages. Well organized and updated frequently. Emphasis on official sites -- servers or content controlled by the government in question.
Texas State and Local Government (Library of Congress)
Selected links to state and local information as well as court websites.
Agency Finder (
May browse or search 189 executive, legislative, and judicial entities.
Social Media Directory (
Access to social media for Texas Associations/Organizations, Higher Education, Judicial, Legislative, Local, and State entities.

State Law and Legislation

Texas Legislature Online
Full text of the Texas Constitution, current statutes, and bills from the 74th (1995) through the present legislatures. Also includes bill histories, Senate and House membership, committee schedules and membership, and legislative calendars. Search for your legislator's name and address by city, county, zip code, etc. The bills database is searchable by bill number, sponsor, or fulltext.
Texas Administrative Code
An agency/subject codification of current Texas regulations. Organized by broad, general subject and then by agency. Free version is one week out of date.
Texas Register
Proposed and adopted Texas regulations as well as Open Meeting notices and other official announcements. Available in two formats: HTML and PDF. Archived issues (1976 to present) from the University of North Texas.
Attorney General Opinions
While not binding on the courts, AG opinions are regarded by Texas courts as highly persuasive and entitled to great weight. Full-text in PDF from 1939 to present. May browse browse or search.

State Finances

Window on State Government
Information from the Comptroller of Public Accounts on state taxes (including publications and forms), lotto results, the state budget, state financial management regulations (including the Texas Travel Mileage Guide), and economic forecast data.
State Budget (General Appropriations Act)
Available from the 69th Legislature (1986/1987) to the present. Click on desired Legislature.
Legislative Budget Estimates
Available from the 75th Legislature (1998/1999) to the present. Click on desired Legislature.
Legislative Budget Board
The Legislative Budget Board is a permanent committee of the Texas legislature which is "responsible for developing recommended legislative appropriations for all agencies of state government."
Texas Transparency: Budget, Financial and Economic Reports and Forecasts
Includes the Biennial Revenue Budget Estimate (2006/2007 to present), Texas State Expenditures by County, and Key Texas Economic Indicators. From the Texas Comptroller.

State Resources for Business

Texas Business Advisor
Information intended to help business start up, cope with regulations, and expand markets. Includes sections on business planning, registering your business, marketing leads, where to get help, where to locate, and links to reference materials.
Texas Taxes
Links to Texas tax rules, tax code, tax forms, sales tax information, seminars, and publications. Also includes the State Tax Automated Research (STAR) System which provides "a comprehensive online tax policy research system."
Texas Economy (Texas Comptroller)
Includes information on the Economic Outlook, Revenue/Spending, Business and Industry, Education/Training, Natural Resources, Health Care, and Spanish-language articles.
Economic Development
Texas industry profile reports, maps and foreign and domestic company directories. From the Office of the Governor, Business Research Division.

State Data and Statistics

Open Data (
Links to open data sets from Texas government agencies. Includes data such as Texas Department of Agriculture Reports and Publications, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Texas Counties Wet and Dry Status Map, TAKS Aggregate Data System, Regional Statistical Information About Children in DFPS Care, Texas Commission on Jail Standards County Population Reports, and Texas Board of Nursing Statistical Information.
Texas Transparency: Open Data Center (Texas Comptroller)
Search data sets by topic, keyword, or a combination of the two. Topics are Education, Expenditures, Procurement, Reference, Revenue, and Taxes and Fees.
Open Data - Tax Files (Texas Comptroller)
Also available from the Comptroller's Open Data Center by searching the topic "Taxes and Fees."
Texas State Data Center
Serves as an official source of Texas demographic, economic, and social statistics produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.
TRACER (Texas Rapid Access to Career and Economic Resources)
Texas labor force, employment, and salary data. From the Texas Workforce Commission.
Texas Industry Profiles
Texas regional industry, labor supply and occupational data.
Texas Higher Education Data
A compendium of Texas higher education statistics and research. From the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

Local Governments

Texas Transparency: Local Government Transparency
The State Comptroller recommends that all local governments implement financial transparency by posting three key financial documents online: the annual budget, the annual financial report and the check register. This website tracks cities; counties; public schools, colleges, and universities; and special purposes districts that do make their financial information transparent.
Texas Association of Regional Councils
Organizing group for the 24 regional councils that coordinate services that cross local government boundaries.
State & Local Government (
Links to county governments, if available.
Cities (
Links to city websites, where available
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