Sometimes what you really need to look for is information about a case. In fact, this can frequently be the best place to begin your legal research. Explanations and analyses found in books and journal articles can help to make the cases themselves more understandable and can set them into their legal context.


To find books in the Cornette Library on legal subjects, search the online catalog by subject or by keyword. Suggested subject headings include:

  • LAW
  • names of particular legal systems, such as CANON LAW
  • specific branches of law, such as CRIMINAL LAW
  • general topics with the subdivision LAW AND LEGISLATION, such as
  • groups of people with the subdivision LEGAL STATUS, LAWS, ETC., such as
  • the names of specific litigants with the subheading TRIALS, LITIGATION, ETC., such as

Indexes and Journal Articles


The following indexes to periodical articles are the most useful for legal subjects:

LexisNexis Academic - Law Reviews (WTAMU only)
Keyword indexing to the full-text of a great many law review journals. Make sure to read the Search Tips first.
Index to Legal Periodicals
Reference Indexes/Abstracts Shelves
Subject and author index to legal articles. Also includes annual reviews on various topics and book reviews. Includes an index by jurisdiction or court to the annual reviews of that court or jurisdiction, and tables of cases and of statutes.
United States Supreme Court Decisions: an index to excerpts, reprints, and discussions
KF101.6.G83 1983 (Reference and Documents/Reference)
List of US Supreme Court cases and journal articles which discuss the case. Indexed by subject and case name.

Indexes which are available to patrons using WTAMU Internet accounts and which include some articles on legal subjects include:

Business Source Complete (WTAMU only)
Indexes, abstracts, and full-text of business and management journals. Legal subjects covered include tax law, commercial law, contract law, and other legal areas of interest to businesses.
Academic Search Complete (WTAMU only)
Indexes, abstracts, and full-text of over 7300 general and academic periodicals. Legal subjects covered include business law, major cases, and general interest articles on law and legislation.


In addition to the many law journals available from LexisNexis Academic, the following journals are available over the Internet.

LexisNexis Academic - Law Reviews (WTAMU only)
To search for a specific article, put one or two appropriate keywords from the article title in the Keyword field and then limit your search to a specific journal by adding publication(title) (for instance, publication(texas law review) in the Additional Terms field. Make sure to read the Search Tips first.
Westlaw Campus (WTAMU only)
Full text of many law review journals. Under "Encyclopedias" select Journals and Law Reviews and select a state. You will be required to accept an online license agreement to access the database. Access to this database is limited, so please log off when you are finished.

Print copies of other journals can be found in the Periodicals/Special Collections Department on the 2nd floor of the library. When you have found a reference to an article in which you are interested, you will need to look the title of the journal (not the article itself) up in our online catalog to find out:

  1. if WTAMU owns the journal, and
  2. if we received that particular issue.

WTAMU faculty, staff, and students may borrow articles which are in journals not owned by the Cornette Library through Interlibrary Loan.

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