The Presidency

The Presidency

Welcome To The White House
The Web site for the White House. Includes biographical and historical information about the Presidents and the White House as well as the text of Presidential publications, press releases, and executive orders since 1993. Also includes extensive links to government statistics.
The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
Site designed by the National Museum of American History. Includes brief sections on the history of the presidency, the campaign trail, and life and death in the White House. Includes classroom activities and resource lists. Designed for school teachers.
The American Presidency Project
The American Presidency Project (also known as, was established in 1999 as a collaboration between John Woolley and Gerhard Peters at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The archives currently contain over 52,000 documents related to the study of the American Presidency.

Presidents of the United States

Historical Themes in America - Government: Presidents
Information on the parks and historic sites associated with the Presidents.
National First Ladies' Library
Browsable database describing articles; biographies; guides to sources; manuscript collections; monographs, theses, and dissertations; other materials; and other secondary sources about the 43 women who have been First Lady.
By Popular Demand: Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies
Formal and informal pictures of all 41 Presidents and most First Ladies. Browse by name and subject or search by keyword.

Presidential Documents

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States
The Public Papers of the Presidents, which is compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. Currently, volumes are published about twice a year, and each volume covers approximately a 6-month period. The online version begins with the George H.W. Bush administration in 1992. The papers of President Franklin Roosevelt were published privately and are not included in the official Public Papers series.
1984-current - U.S. Documents - AE 2.114:
1929-1983 - U.S. Documents - GS 4.113:
The Avalon Project: Papers of the Presidents
Selected public papers of the Presidents, including inaugural addresses, messages to Congress, proclamations, and veto messages. Currently includes Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Polk, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower.
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Full text of the inaugural addresses given by each President.
State of the Union
The State of the Union is an annual address presented before a joint session of Congress and held in the House of Representatives Chamber at the U.S. Capitol. The address not only reports on the condition of the nation, but also allows the president to outline his/her legislative agenda and national priorities to Congress. Online edition from The American Presidency Project has 1790 to present. Also online as search results page in FDsys via the Compilation of Presidential Documents page--click on the State of the Union link under Related Resources in left column.
USA Presidents
Inaugural and State of the Union addresses for each President. Also includes links to Presidential libraries and other related Web sites.
Compilation of Presidential Documents
Includes statements, messages, and other Presidential materials released by the White House from 1993 to the present. Title from 1993 through January 29, 2009 was Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. May search using the FDsys Advanced Search option.
1965-1988 - U.S. Documents - GS 4.114:
1989-2000 - U.S. Documents - AE 2.109:
Executive Orders Disposition Tables
Tables which contain the order number, title, date, Federal Register volume, page number, and issue date, amendments (if any), and current status (where applicable) of all Executive orders since 1960. Does not include the text of the Executive order. Arranged according to Presidential administration and year of signature. Chose the President, then click the year for the year needed.
Title 3, Code of Federal Regulations, The President
Most current 11 years of the annual compilation of most Presidential documents appearing in the Federal Register, including all executive orders and proclamations and selected administrative orders. Unlike other CFR volumes, Title 3 compilation does not supersede previous year. Table 3 - Other Presidential Documents gives Federal Register page references to documents not included in the CFR compilation.
Note: Executive orders can be amended, revoked, superseded by other executive orders. Use Table 4 - Presidential Documents Affected - in the title 3 CFR Compilations to check the status of executive orders. Bring your search up-to-date by checking LSA issues and the CFR Sections Affected tables in the last or latest Federal Register for subsequent months.
1936-1991 - Documents/Reference - GS 4.108/2:
1992-current - Documents/Reference - AE 2.106/3:3/
Presidential Directives and Where to Find Them
A guide to finding Presidential directives in print and on the Web.

Other Web Guides

Federal Government Resources: President of the United States
A guide to resources about the Presidency and people who have held the office. Links to biographical information, Presidential documents, e-mail addresses, historic speeches, Presidential libraries, and more.
Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton
Very comprehensive collection of links to background information, grand jury testimony, floor debates, House Judiciary Committee documents, the Independent Counsel's report, and much more.

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