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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • B.B.A. - Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Specialization
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Doing Business On Your Own Terms

Let’s face it. Not everyone is cut out to work for someone else. Deep down inside is this insatiable urge to do your own thing, to hang your shingle and take on the risk of starting your own business. For those who have that yearning, our Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Specialization is just for you.

There are nearly 32 million small businesses in the US, each headed by an entrepreneur. These account for 99.9% of all firms. Small businesses are the cornerstone of the American economy, and represent the spirit of a free market.

The courses in this specialization will prepare you not just for business and management in general, but also in the finer details of starting your business. Navigating these waters can be tricky, and we will train you so you can set sail.

Remember, the large corporations we see in the news today all started as someone’s dream, a small business in which its founder set out to do something differently or better than others in existence. Whether you go big ultimately is up to you, how you run it, and how well you meet the needs and wants of your customers.

We will always need business men and women who are willing to take on this risk. Our job is to provide the proper education so you can.

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B.B.A. - Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Specialization

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MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (2023-2024 Academic Catalog)

Students must take:

  • MGT 4311 - Business Ethics and Society

18 Semester Hours from:

Note: At least six semester hours must come from MGT 3332, MGT 3333, or MGT 4332

  • MGT 3332 - New Business Creation 
  • MGT 3333 - Small Business Management 
  • MGT 4330 - Critical Issues in Human Resources Management 
  • MGT 4332 - Entrepreneurial Innovationand Product Development
  • MGT 4334 - Compensation Administration 
  • MGT 4336 - Leadership Development 
  • MGT 4343 - Supply Chain Management 
  • MGT 4360 - Recruitment and Selection 
  • MGT 4365 - Training and Development 
  • MGT 4380 - Conflict Resolution and Negotiation  

9 Semester Hours from: 

  • BUSI 4330 - Employment Law
  • MKT 3342 - Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 3346 - Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
  • MKT 4343 - Emerging Media in Advertising
  • MKT 4344 - Retail Marketing
  • MKT 4346 - Sales Management
  • FIN 3311 - Real Estate Finance
  • FIN 3350 - Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN 4320 - Investments
  • FIN 4324 - Management of Financial Services

For more details about courses required for this degree see the Advising Services Degree Checklist Page and select the catalog year that you are following for your degree plan. 


Mission-based entrepreneur
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Social/cause-based businesses
  • Environmental problem-solving businesses
Passion-based entrepreneur
  • Interest-based businesses
  • Turning a hobby into a vocation
Opportunity-based entrepreneur
  • Family businesses
  • Local/small businesses
  • Franchises
  • Innovative businesses
Service-oriented entrepreneur
  • Consulting
  • Financial services
  • Marketing
  • Real estate
  • Security
Corporate entrepreneur
  • Tech industry
  • Retail industry
  • Travel & hospitality industry
  • Media industry
Undecided entrepreneur
  • Being your own boss
  • Open to new ideas

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