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While it takes special skills to serve as a manager in the corporate realm, it takes a completely different skill set to perform the duties of human resource management. Our Management - HR specialization trains students to assume the responsibilities needed to tackle the many nuances of corporate life, which includes factors affecting staff as well as managers themselves.

Along the way, students will select from courses that examine diversity and cross-cultural management, compensation, negotiation, leadership, recruitment and selection, ethics, organizational behavior, management communication, and more. Thus, this specialization is broader in scope than a traditional management degree, because it encompasses every employee, from top to bottom.

It would be easy to conclude that HR jobs such as this would only be with large corporations, but that is not true. It is recommended that an HR specialist be hired when there are as few as 10 employees with a company. This opens wide the prospects for employment in this field.

If you have the knack for becoming what amounts to a macro specialist, Management - HR is a very viable option. The modern company needs talent who can recruit, lead, and retain the rest of the talent.

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B.B.A. - Management, Human Resource Management Specialization

Available 100% Online

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (2021-2022 Academic Catalog)

30 hours from:

  • MGT 3335 - Organizational Behavior 
  • MGT 4311 - Business Ethics and Society 
  • MGT 4330 - Critical Issues in Human Resources Management 
  • MGT 4333 - Diversity and Cross Cultural Management 
  • MGT 4334 - Compensation Administration 
  • MGT 4336 - Leadership Development 
  • MGT 4337 - Leadership and Teamwork 
  • MGT 4360 - Recruitment and Selection 
  • MGT 4365 - Training and Development 
  • MGT 4370 - Health Care Management 
  • MGT/BUSI 4380 - Conflict Resolution and Negotiation  
  • BUSI 4330 - Employment Law 
  • BUSI 4333 - Cross-Cultural Issues in Business Communication 
  • BUSI 4350 - Current Issues in Management Communication 
  • ECON 4351 - Economics of Labor Resources 
  • FIN 4368 - Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits 

At least 9 hours must come from MGT 4330, MGT 4333, MGT 4334, MGT 4360, MGT 4365, or BUSI 4330

For more details about courses required for this degree see the Advising Services Degree Checklist Page.



Human Resource Managers
  • Recruitment
  • Hiring and retention
  • Consulting
  • Oversee Compensation
  • Labor relations
  • Negotiate dispute resolutions
Human Resource Specialist

Specialist in performing one or more roles such as: 

  • Talent acquisition
  • Training and development
  • Salary and benefits
  • Performance evaluation
  • HR Information Systems
  • Data and analytics
Training and Development Specialist
  • Create and administer programs
  • Assess needs and solutions
  • Identify appropriate materials
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Evaluate program effectiveness
Training and Development Manager
  • Oversee training/development of staff
  • Align training and company goals
  • Create and manage training budgets
  • Update training programs for relevance
  • Teach training methods and skills to instructors
Dispute Resolution Specialist
  • Mediation and problem-solving
  • Investigate relevant information
  • Generate viable solutions
  • Negotiate a mutually satisfying resolution between conflicting parties
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
  • Inspect, test, and evaluate workplace practices
  • Ensure safety standards and government compliance
  • Design and implement safety-enhancing protocols
  • Educate employers on best practices for health and safety
  • Investigate incidents and accidents

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Enactus is a student organization in the College of Business. Enactus uses a business mindset and an entrepreneurial approach to improve the quality of life and standard of living of people in need and help businesses achieve profitability.

As an AACSB accredited business school, the College of Business is eligible to pursue Beta Gamma Sigma (International Honors Society for Business students).

The College of Business supports an annual summer study abroad trip, which focuses on business and cross-cultural issues. Locations include Denmark, Sweden, England, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Cananda.


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