Books and other library materials are checked out at the Research & Access Desk on the first floor of the Cornette Library. The Research & Access Unit also handles course reserves, maintains the photocopiers, processes fines and lost books, and handles lost and found items. The Research & Access Unit Staff will also help you renew your library books or find books which are not on the shelf.

Getting a Library Card

West Texas A&M University students, faculty, staff, and retirees are automatically registered to check out library material with your Buffalo Gold Card. You must have your Buffalo Gold Card with you and present it at the Research & Access Desk in order to check out materials. Other options are available for Friends of the Cornette Library and library users with TexShare cards. Special cards are issued to the Destination WT and Amarillo High School International Baccalaureate students.

Checkout Periods

Table informs you of the loan period, the number of books you can check out, and the number of renewals by your category (e.g. faculty, staff, undergraduate, or graduate)
User GroupCheckout Period# of Books# of Renewals
Undergraduate Students, AHS Intl. Bacc., Destination WT, Contract Labor21 days1005
Faculty, Retired Faculty, Faculty Emeriti, PTI, Staff, Retired Staff120 days1003
Friends of the Cornette Library120 days15 total3
Graduate Students, GA, TA, RA, AAC, Thesis120 Days1000 Books due at end of semester (5/15, 8/15, 12/15)
TexShare, Camps, Continuing Ed., Visiting Scholars21 days20 total,5

Patron Groups

Staff, Retired Staff, Grad Stud., Affiliates, & Dependents
Undergrads, AHS Intl. Bacc., Destination WT, Distance Ed., & Contract Labor
Faculty, Retired Faculty, Faculty Emeriti, PTIs, TAs, GAs, RAs, AACs, & Thesis
Texshare, Camps, Continuing Ed., & Visiting Scholars
Friends Level 1
Friends Level 2
Supporting, Sustaining, Patron, Benefactor, & Lifetime

Amarillo Center Book Delivery

  • Items must be something that can be checked out:
    • Loan books
    • Youth books
    • Government Documents that circulate.
  • Course Reserve items cannot leave the Library
  • Student must not be enrolled in classes held on the WTAMU Canyon campus.
  • Checkout period and penalties for overdue material will be the same.
  • Delivery of the item will take 1-2 business days depending on the time we receive the request.
  • Renewal may be requested by phone (806) 651-2215 during library hours, or via the My Library Account. Renewal requests should be placed no later than the day the book is due.
  • Student must have WTAMU or other legal identification to receive the item from the Amarillo Center office.
  • Items may be returned either to the office at the WTAMU Amarillo Center, or to Cornette Library.

Faculty Proxy Checkout

Faculty members at WTAMU may select an individual to be their proxy at the Cornette Library. This individual may borrow materials in the faculty member’s name. When an item is checked out by proxy, it shows up on the faculty member’s record – not the proxy’s.

The Cornette Library reserves the right to deny service to faculty and proxies with delinquent accounts.

Any questions concerning Proxy Checkout policy or procedure can be answered by the Research & Access Unit staff at (806) 651-2215.

Instructions for Faculty

A faculty member may choose one proxy patron to check out books on the faculty member’s patron record. The faculty member must complete the Faculty Application Form for Proxy Checkout Permission each semester they wish to use a proxy.

The Research & Access Unit staff will email the faculty member when their Faculty Application Form for Proxy Checkout Permission has been processed. This email will indicate that the proxy may begin checking out books for the faculty member. The Proxy Checkout Agreement will be attached to the email. The proxy must complete and sign a Proxy Checkout Agreement each time they check out books for the faculty member.

Library materials are state property and the faculty member is wholly responsible for all materials checked out in their name by a proxy, with no exceptions.

Instructions for Proxy

The Proxy must show their own Buffalo Gold Card when checking out books for a faculty member.

The Proxy must sign a Proxy Checkout Agreement each time they check out items for a faculty member. The Proxy Checkout Agreement will be emailed to the faculty member when their Faculty Application Form for Checkout Permission has been processed. Copies of the Proxy Checkout Agreement are also available at the Research & Access Desk.

An itemized receipt of items checked out will be emailed to the faculty member.

Priorities For Use of Computers

  1. All education, research, and administrative purposes of West Texas A&M University
  2. Other uses indirectly related to West Texas A&M University purposes

General Rules for Use of Computers

Use computers and the computer network consistently with stated priorities. Those needing to use computers and the network for reasons consistent with the first priority will be given preference in access.

Do not use the network to violate any laws or other university policies, including policies stated in the Computer Services: Rules for Responsible Computing (Student Manual), the Faculty Handbook (see University's Faculty & Staff page), and the Texas A&M University System Policy Manual.

Community Use of Computers

WTAMU allows community members, when visiting Cornette Library, the privilege of using the Library's computers under the following conditions:

  • Access must be requested by completing the form which is available at the Research & Access Desk, on the date service is needed. To be granted access a guest should be at least 16 years of age, or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Guest access is available for only one (1) hour on the date requested. An additional hour may be given at the librarian's discretion.
  • Cornette Library reserves the right to ask community members to give up the computer they are using if that computer is needed by a currently enrolled student to complete an assignment.
  • Guest access may be monitored and revoked at any time and for any reason. Guests should have no expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws.
  • Guests will be requested to provide name, email address, phone, photo ID, and sign a form acknowledging the above provisions.


You are responsible for returning or renewing library materials by the date they are due. Any overdue item is subject to fines. When library materials are 5 days overdue a courtesy reminder will be emailed to you. Failure to receive this notice in no way relieves you of the obligation to return the materials and/or pay the associated overdue fines.


Fines are charged for each day that the Library is open. You may return items while we're closed by using the "book drop" in the wall near the front (east) entrance. The fine will stop accumulating on the day the materials are left in the "book drop." Fines may be paid when the library is open.

Have fines or fees?

Please contact Research & Access Services, (806) 651-2215 or circulation@wtamu.edu or pay online using our Online Payments system.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fine amounts by material type.
Material TypeFine Amount
Reserve (2-hour)$.15/hour
Reserve (day)$1.00/day
Interlibrary Loan$1.00/day
Locker Keys$5.00/day

Maximum fine - $18.00

Lost Items

If you lose a book, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost of the book, plus any overdue charges that might have accrued. The replacement cost includes the current market price of the library materials.

For Interlibrary Loan items, replacement and processing fees are determined by the lending library.

Damaged Book

  • Damage fees range from $5.00 to the replacement cost of the materials.
  • The replacement cost includes the current market price of the library materials plus a $10 processing fee.
  • For Interlibrary Loan items, replacement and processing fees are determined by the lending library.


Unpaid fines or overdue materials from the Cornette Library will block your borrowing privileges. Unpaid fines and overdue, lost, or damaged items will prevent you from getting your transcript and/or from registering for classes.

An "administrative hold" will be placed on your overall WTAMU record if your library account becomes delinquent. Among the reasons your account could become delinquent are:

  • Excessively overdue books or other library materials
  • Outstanding fines, fees, or replacement costs associated with lost, damaged, or overdue library materials

When an administrative hold is placed on your account, you are unable to:

  • Register for classes
  • Receive financial aid
  • Obtain a transcript
  • Pick up your diploma

If no payment is received in 180 days, your delinquent account will be referred to a credit bureau for collection.


Payment is made at the Research & Access Desk by cash (exact change only), check, Buffalo Gold Card, or credit/debit card. Only MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted in the Library. Credit card payments may be made online. Check cards are also accepted if they are associated with one of the four credit card companies mentioned above.

Have you encountered an article or book for which you can't get the full text? We'll borrow it from another library for you through our service called Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is typically free of charge.

  • Ask a librarian for help, to make sure we truly don't have it.
  • Fill out an ILL request form.
  • We'll contact you by email or phone when it arrives
  • Articles may take up to a week. Books may take 2-3 weeks.

Lending Policies to Other Libraries

The Interlibrary Loan staff is committed to expanding the horizons of research for our faculty, staff and students. We encourage any suggestions that will enhance the ability to meet this goal. Reciprocal agreements with other institutions are encouraged.

Lending Information

Provides necessary contact information for our Interlibrary loan service
CONTACT:Amy Webster
TITLE:Library Associate II
ORG:West Texas A&M University
LIBRARY:Cornette Library
UNIT:Interlibrary Loan Office
PO BOX:60748 WT Station
VOICE:(806) 651-2214
FAX:(806) 651-2213
BILLING:Please send invoice with material; Please include FEIN with invoice
LOAN:8 Weeks
NONCIRC:Sheffy collection/special collections; rare items; theses; video/audio; new acquisitions; books older than 1941
COPIES:$.10 per page above 50 pages
THESIS:Lack of author's permission and low staffing rate may not permit lending or copying
FAX:Yes, no charge (within reason); Please return the favor

Cornette Library gladly accepts donations of books and other library materials.

  • Donors are asked to fill out a Gift Agreement Form.
  • All gifts are acknowledged with a thank you letter.
  • Library staff review books or materials to determine their appropriateness for our collections. Needed materials will be added to our collections. If not needed, materials will be returned to the donor, offered free to another entity, or placed on a free shelf in the library.

Cornette Library does not normally accept the following types of materials:

  • Textbooks
  • Popular Magazines
  • Damaged books or materials
  • Incomplete sets (except to complete existing sets)
  • Duplicate materials (except if use warrants, or to replace existing items in poor condition)
  • Medical or legal materials that are more than 5 years old

If you have any questions, please contact Shawna Kennedy-Witthar. switthar@wtamu.edu.

The IT department provides wireless access throughout the public areas of the library

The University and Library assume no responsibility for the safety and security of equipment or for wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from the connection to the University's network.

PLEASE don't leave your personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops, bookbags, or any other item.

Wireless Services Provided by Group

Provide internet access, as well as authenticated and encrypted access to university online resources
Faculty and Staff
Provide internet access, as well as authenticated and encrypted access to campus network drives and other online campus resources.
Community Users
Provide internet only access, with limited security. You must obtain a temporary username and password from the Library Services Desk on the first floor

Wireless Printing

WT students may print wirelessly at the library using Buff Print.

WT faculty, staff, and community members may not print wirelessly and may only print using library computers at $0.10/imprint.

Coverage and Electrical Outlets

Wireless access is strongest in the public seating areas, and weakest in the middle of the stacks.

Electrical outlets are available throughout the Library. For safety reasons, keep power cords out of the public walkways.