Interlibrary Loan Services

WTAMU students, faculty, staff, and Friends of Cornette Library (Supporting level and above) can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL). ILL allows patrons to borrow research materials from the collections of other libraries.

You will often find a link to request the item from Interlibrary Loan for items we do not have full-text access. You may also want to consider WorldCat to search for items not held at the Cornette Library.

Contact the Interlibrary Loan department at (806) 651-2406.

Instructions to Request an Item

  • For books please provide author, title, publisher, and publication date.
  • For articles please provide author, title, journal/magazine/newspaper title, date or volume/issue of publication, and page numbers.
  • For other media, please provide format, producer, and any other unique information.
  • If you cannot find any of the above information, please let us know.
  • Submit request using your choice of:
    • Pre-filled Interlibrary Loan form that is available in WorldCAT and most of Cornette Library's databases.
    • Fill out a blank Interlibrary Loan Form (ILLIAD).

Receiving Materials

  • Generally no charge. We will contact you for approval if there will be any fee.
  • Allow up to 1 week for articles to arrive. Most items will arrive between 4-72 hours.
  • Allow 1-3 weeks for books to arrive.
  • You will be notified by email when your material arrives.
  • Materials can be picked up at the Research & Access Desk.
  • Some articles may be delivered as PDF attachments via email.
  • Articles will typically be delivered online. You’ll receive email notification when the article is available. Login to your ILL account and retrieve the item under the “Download” tab. Download/print these within 30 days. Click on the transaction number to get the PDF.
  • Rarely, articles will be received as photocopies that can be picked up at ILL desk.
  • Lending libraries may require that some materials will be "library use only" and must remain within the library. Microfilm or rare materials are generally "library use only."

Returning Materials

  • Renewal and check-out periods are determined by the lending library.
  • Articles are yours to keep.
  • You may return books and other materials to the Research & Access Desk during open hours.
  • Please do not return ILL materials to external book drops.

Fines & Fees

  • Overdue ILL items accrue fines at $1.00/day.
  • Replacement fees for lost or damaged items are assessed by the lending library, not Cornette Library.

Copyright & ILL

Interlibrary Loan strives to provide our patrons access to materials that we do not physically own or license. In this regard, the library is limited by Section 108 of the Copyright Law, CONTU Guidelines, and licensing agreements. While copyright compliance is the responsibility of the patron (you), the Library cannot fulfill a request if we:

  • have notice that a copy will be used for a purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.
  • are aware or have substantial reason to believe that it is engaging in the related or concerted reproduction or distribution of multiple copies or phonorecords of the same material.
  • receive multiple requests from the same patron for articles/sections from the same issue or a larger collection of works.
  • receive multiple requests from all patrons that exceed five articles from the last five years of a single journal title within one calendar year.
  • receive a photocopy request that exceeds 10% or 1 chapter (whichever is less) of a book.
  • receive a copy request for a musical work, a pictorial, graphic, sculptural work, a motion picture, or other audiovisual work that is not dealing with the news, unless contained in a larger published work.

If any of these apply to you, please contact the library with Email a Librarian.

Alternatives to ILL

  • Email a librarian. We can help you find what you need.
  • Use a document delivery service such as DOCLINE
  • Try to obtain the item from a bookstore
  • Search for articles online
  • Visit a library which owns a needed item
  • Contact the publisher or author of the item