West Texas A&M University is the home of the Violette Newton Collection. Violette Newton is the author of twenty books of poetry and was named Poet Laureate of Texas by the Texas legislature in 1973.

Her work has drawn major awards from the Poetry Society of America, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, and the Poetry Society of Texas. Newton's first book was published when she was fifty-five years old. In 1975 she won the Medwick Award from the Poetry Society of America for a poem on a humanitarian theme. For her contribution to the arts, she was inducted into the Southeast Texas Women's Hall of Fame in 1991. In 1994 the Texas poetry society gave her its highest accolade in the Hilton Ross Greer Award.

Violette Newton donated a collection of her papers and possessions to the Cornette Library in 2005. The collection is located in the library's Texas Poets' Corner and is currently being processed. For information regarding access, please call (806) 651-2209 or e-mail a librarian opens in new window.


Newton books located with the library's Texas Poets' Corner. Titles, organized by year, with call number.
ItemYearCall Number
Moses in Texas1967PS3564.E97 M67 1967
The Proxy1973PS3564.E97 P7 1973
Just My Size1975PS3564.E97 J87 1975
A Cathedral Ringing1976PS3564.E97 C38 1976
The Scandal1981PS3564.E97 S24 1981
Where the Summers Are1985PS3564.E97 W44 1985
This is a House to Stand1986PS3564.E97 T53 1986
All the Druids are Gone1988PS3564.E97 A43 1988
Even Hosannas1989PS3564.E97 E94 1989
Letters From Two Women, with Evelyn Corry Appelbee1990PS3551.P5573 L48 1990
All Time is Now1991PS3564.E97 A45 1991 Texana
The Shamrock Cross1993PS3564.E97 S53 1993
Because We Dream1994PS3564.E97 B4 1994
Art Songs1995PS3563.E7322 A78 1995
Jason's Journey1996PS3564.E97 J37 1996
Mourning Tide1997PS3564.E97 M68 1997
Fire in the Garden1999PS3564.E97 F57 1999
Terre-Bonne2000PS3564.E97 T47 2000
Summer Mardi Gras, Remembering The French Quarter2003PS3564.E97 S86 2003
Caedmon's Song2004PS3564.E97 C34 2004
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