Libraries are a complex system, with a rich combination of print and electronic information sources. For a first time user, trying to navigate that system can be confusing. An skilled library user has faster, easier access to higher quality, more reliable information sources.


Books are the information source of choice in several ways. Books excel at:

  • Giving a thorough overview of a subject.
  • Comparing and contrasting multiple points of view on a complex subject.
  • Collating in one place the writings of multiple experts on a topic.
  • Giving historical perspective.
  • Bringing together interdisciplinary views on topics that cross disciplines.
  • Inspiring, entertaining, and creating visions of places unseen.
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Articles can be found in newspapers, magazines, and scholarly sources. Understanding the difference helps determine when it is appropriate to use different articles. In general, articles are the source of choice when you need:

  • Current research information.
  • Current news.
  • In-depth coverage on a single, complex issue.
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Government Documents

Excellent material in agriculture, criminal justice and law, education, political science, and statistics.

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Instructional Resource Center

K-12 textbooks, teacher's editions, and youth readers arranged by grade and by subject.

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