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College of Engineering

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West Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering offers diverse programs in mechanical, civil, electrical, and environmental engineering as well as engineering technology, mathematics and computer science. Our goal is to establish five new professorships to support faculty research at $1.25 million. Professorships are important to support faculty research in areas critical to the Panhandle of Texas and beyond. In the last year, our graduate programs in engineering and mathematics have more than doubled in size. We are seeking to develop a graduate assistant endowment to support the research and work of graduate students. Undergraduate students are at the heart of what we do in the College of Engineering at WTAMU. We have written proposals for student scholarships in the last 10 years totaling over $4 million and have awarded every bit of this money to help provide support for our students.

"The College is built upon the knowledge, experience and research of a diverse group of faculty who hold patents in battery design, computer coding, materials science, combustion, control systems and chemical engineering."
Dr. Emily Hunt, dean of the College of Engineering.

Opportunities to Give

Professorships // $125,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $5,500)

Graduate Assistants // $1,250,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $55,000)

Scholarships // $25,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $1,000)


Among its many offerings, WT’s College of Engineering is seeing growth in three primary programs:

  • The electrical engineering program, WT’s first online engineering degree at WTAMU, is specifically focused on energy and power
    systems. Students from this ABET-accredited degree program
    are hired at a rate of 100 percent upon graduation.
  • The master of science in engineering program, which has doubled in size in its first two years, provides interdisciplinary knowledge of
    all facets of engineering while also offering students flexibility to
    concentrate on a specific area.
  • The computer science program, the College’s fastest-growing
    program, offers education in an evolving field that requires creativity and creates endless opportunities for students after graduation. Computing jobs are the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs in the nation.

All programs in the College of Engineering require a capstone design experience, which includes the design, prototyping and testing of an actual real-world engineering or computer science project.

Opportunities to Give

Naming Opportunity For The College Of Engineering // $15,000,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $55,000)

Capstone Design Endowment // $1,250,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $55,000)

International Engineering Endowment // $1,250,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $55,000)


The College of Engineering at West Texas A&M University was established in 2003 with mechanical engineering as the first program. We have grown from five students to 800 students in 2021. Our faculty and students are advancing technology all over the world.

The College’s home provides space for state-of-the-art laboratories, smart classrooms and programs like computer science, civil engineering, environmental engineering, engineering technology and mechanical engineering.

Opportunities to Give

Naming of Room //$25,000