One West WT Campaign

About the Campaign

One West is the comprehensive fundraising campaign designed to fuel WT 125: From the Panhandle to the World – a carefully crafted vision and long-range plan to take West Texas A&M University through the year 2035.

WT’s values are inspired by the people of the plains, the towns, ranches, farms and communities that prioritize commitment to family, faith, hard work and community—locally, regionally and across the globe. Regardless of background, family history, personal beliefs or aspirations, everyone who cherishes high standards of performance will realize the benefits WT has to offer.

WT’s values are reflective of, and responsive to, the people we serve. And WT makes this region better every day. WT graduates are the Panhandle’s teachers, nurses, engineers, musicians, CEOs, counselors, ranchers, therapists, artists, bankers, entrepreneurs, farmers, mental health professionals and coaches. They will be the veterinarians, health professionals, school administrators and leaders throughout the Panhandle and beyond.

Thousands of WT alumni choose to call the Panhandle home. As WT expands its reach, we expect more will do the same, and those who chose to live elsewhere will carry with them the values bred here on the plains.

The One West comprehensive campaign will ensure WT’s future for this area we call home. Our goal: To become a Regional Research University, built on the bedrock of the Panhandle. The University will be responsive to the issues and needs of the people of this region first, while creating value well beyond the region by investing in the people, programs and places of the University. We firmly believe that regionality is not a limiting characteristic. It is a defining one.

We will strengthen WT’s impact for the Panhandle region and beyond through a historic comprehensive campaign, raising $125 million by 2025. The campaign’s three priorities: People, through scholarships and professorships; Programs, through University and College priorities; and Places, through strategic growth and University-wide enhancement.

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