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The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, through innovative instruction and engagement, has a positive and significant impact on our communities and brings together a variety of stakeholders.

The college exists to bring people together. We bind these competencies together by instilling leadership skills throughout. While interaction between students and faculty remains a timeless learning partnership, we also bring students together with events and student organizations. The structuring of an endowed professorship remains an instrumental tool in the recruitment and retention of top faculty talent. Endowments to sustain professorships is a donor opportunity to invest in the talent that most impacts our students. Scholarships, in turn, provide a principal tool to attract and retain students. On bases of either merit or need, there remains significant opportunities to grow and sustain enrollment utilizing scholarships.

"We bring highly qualified faculty from a broad range of backgrounds and experience to develop an impactful and dynamic business curriculum. With these vital human resources, we engage our students to develop and cultivate their business acumen, ethical acuity, and ability to operate in a global business environment."
Dr. Amjad Abdullat, dean of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business

Opportunities to Give

Professorship // $125,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $5,500)

Scholarship // $25,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $1,000)


The business discipline is a specialized application of foundational knowledge in organizations, people, and operations to realize prosperity and growth at the societal level. Foundational subjects such as accounting, computer information systems, economics, finance, marketing and management each require nurturing and support to maintain viability and vitality moving forward. Gift opportunities exist in extending endowments to the naming of programs in the college, particularly where donor affinity may be identified. The college has also enjoyed extensive success in the design and delivery of faculty-led study abroad programs over the years. This mission-oriented endeavor provides a rich opportunity to sustain these programs to enrich our students’ education and experiences.

"Our MBA program is highly ranked and widely recognized as an attractive and vibrant opportunity for professionals from a variety of professions and disciplines to advance their careers and prepare for leadership."
Dr. Robert Allen King, associate dean of Graduate Business Programs and Wilder Professor of Marketing

Opportunities to Give

Media Minds // $1,500,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $56,000)

Program Naming Opportunity // $2,500,000


As our student body is increasingly dynamic in nature, developing more presence and place for these students is a paramount imperative. Gifts pertaining to facilities, tooling, talent and production would boost our capabilities in this area. Media Minds is an embedded digital agency in the college largely tasked to promote the college and its programs. This operation could be extended for more direct faculty and student support in instruction and course delivery. A named gift for Media Minds, recognizing our online instruction as being among our spaces, would be both innovative and groundbreaking.

Opportunities to Give

Naming of Room // $25,000

(Minimum named endowments. Approximate annual award of $1,000)