Instructional Technology Services

Service Information

The purpose of the ITS/Media Services is to support the University’s learning community with timely, creative and quality communications, media services and resources. It is the responsibility of the ITS/Media Services to plan, design, operate, train, maintain and improve media facilities and media materials production for faculty and staff. The ITS/Media Services also supports the Mission of WTAMU by providing technical expertise and consultation in the use and development of digital based materials and distribution systems for learning. To implement this purpose our goals are listed below:

  • To maintain these materials and systems as to enable their timely use for teaching, thereby offering students, faculty and staff a variety of options for enhancing and delivering instruction and communications.
  • To investigate, develop and acquire digital technology, hardware, software, presentation systems, production techniques and procedures necessary to make all forms of media readily available to the learning community.
  • To provide leadership and consultation for improving instructional delivery and communication through the use of all media forms by faculty, staff and to a limited degree-students.
  • To provide a resource center and services within which the learning community can develop interactive and on demand learning systems and resources.
  • To set standards, establish procedures and provide maintenance service to assure efficient, compatible media systems.
  • To encourage and participate in the use of all media systems to enhance the University’s role as a cultural and educational resource in the community.

Reserve Equipment

Other Information

The ITS is dedicated to supporting and advancing teaching and learning by working collaboratively with staff, faculty and administrators, to provide quality services, programs and resources.

The goal of the ITS is to increase the use of technology adoption by faculty to enhance teaching and learning by creating an extensive program of technology training and sharing best practices.

The ITS will offer training sessions; one-on-one assistance and a resource center that is open daily.

The ITS offers a variety of equipment to meet your classroom and special event needs. We offer our services to faculty, staff and students. Priority in equipment usage is given to university classes. There is no charge for use of the equipment; however, charges will incur on equipment returned late, broken or missing items. To reserve equipment contact the ITS using the information above.