Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the educational experience through innovation, technology and customer service excellence.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be recognized for customer service excellence and technology leadership across the Texas A&M University System, with a strong focus on collaboration, continuous improvement, shared governance and transparency. 

Our Goals

  1. Cultivate campus success by actively engaging, listening and anticipating the needs of our faculty, staff and students.
  2. Provide outstanding technology infrastructure systems and services to support student safety, student engagement, instructional and experiential learning, teaching and research.
  3. Enhance the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of University faculty, staff and students through the effective use of information technologies.
  4. Provide students, faculty and staff with access to facilities, equipment, systems and support in order to facilitate the achievement of the University mission.
  5. Provide security, disaster recovery, and business continuation systems and procedures to protect the electronically generated and stored assets of WTAMU.

Our Standards

You may view our Acceptable Use Standard.

Quality Standards


  • I advocate the University’s information security standards at all times.
  • I am proactive and consistently apply information security in my daily operations.
  • I am a security ambassador for West Texas A&M University.


  • I treat everyone with respect and represent IT with a level of professionalism that is 2nd to none.
  • I am courteous and respectful to everyone that I come into contact with.
  • I go above and beyond to exceed customer expectation.


  • I perform my role efficiently.
  • I use my time and resources wisely.                                   
  • I keep my skill-set current.


  • Take responsibility.
  • Communicate clearly with your customers.
  • Ensure your area is guest-ready at all times.