In an age of on-line classes, electronic resources, and 24/7 library access, in-person help is not always available. The site is designed to guide you to the resources you need. If you have any questions, please contact us through one of our online forms.

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Connecting from Off-Campus

The WTAMU community has on- and off-campus to all of our databases. Off-campus login is required. Clicking a link takes you to a login page; you don't have to do anything extra to find it. When requested, enter the login information below to access the resource.

Resource Username Password
My Library Record Buffalo Gold Card#
(last 7 digits - add leading zeros if needed)
Your last name
Databases - Students Buff Advisor username (i.e.js123456) Buff Advisor password
Databases - Faculty/Staff Network username (i.e. jsmith) Network password

Electronic Course Reserves


Electronic Course Reserves (e-reserves) are supplementary course reading materials from your professors. For copyright reasons, access is restricted to students currently enrolled in the course for which the material is intended.

Login Instructions

Username is based on WTAMU Status


Wireless Access

The IT department provides wireless access throughout the public areas of the library

The University and Library assume no responsibility for the safety and security of equipment or for wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from the connection to the University's network.

PLEASE don't leave your personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops, bookbags, or any other item.


You can print wirelessly at the library using Buff Print

Student Accounts

Faculty and Staff Accounts

Guest Accounts

Coverage and Electrical Outlets

Wireless access is strongest in the public seating areas, and weakest in the middle of the stacks.

Electrical outlets are available throughout the Library. For safety reasons, keep power cords out of the public walkways.