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Department of Management, Marketing and General Business - Online Master of Business Administration Degree


Department of Management, Marketing and General Business

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Online Course Mode

Office of Graduate Business Programs, 806.651.2500 or gradbusprograms@wtamu.edu


USNWR - MBAWT's AACSB accredited Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business has one of the top online MBA programs available today.  The 2020 Princeton Review ranks the WT online MBA #23 on the listing of the Top 25 Online MBA programs in the world. The 2020 U.S. News & World Report rankings list the WT online MBA #55 overall in the nation.  The 2020 rankings U.S. News & World Report rankings include #26 MBA program for Veterans, which is the highest ranking in the state of Texas. Best Masters Degree recognized the Online MBA in Healthcare Management #1 in 2018 for MBA Healthcare Programs and the #1 Most Affordable MBA in Computer Information Systems. Best Colleges Reviews ranks the WTAMU online MBA program #1 for affordability combined with national quality ranking in 2019.  Discover Business ranks the WT online MBA program #3 for Best Value for 2018.  Online U. ranks the MBA in Marketing Concentration #6 Most AffordableGraduate Marketing Degree for 2019.  See ranking and recognition page for additional information.
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The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business offers a complete MBA program that is available exclusively via the Internet or can combine online courses with campus courses to meet degree requirements.  Students are able to take every course required for graduation online. The online courses are the same that on-campus students must take, but feature the convenience of learning from home at any time of the day.  Students that do not want to complete their course work exclusively online are welcome to complete courses on campus in addition to the online mode.

The MBA program is generally designed for completion within a two-year period, although a few students may complete the program sooner due to their individual needs.  Admission and academic credit consideration may beMBA provided for excellence in previous academic program, GMAT performance, career progression in industry and/or in military service.

In addition, look at the following if you would like to briefly get to know more about our graduate faculty or review faculty introductory videos to some of our graduate courses.  

Receive Your Personalized Plan of Study: Please send a copy of your current resume and your unofficial transcripts today to receive your personalized Plan of Study. If your transcripts are from a foreign university, please send official evaluated transcripts via one of the listed Foreign Credential Evaluation Services, or contact the WTAMU International Student Office for more information regarding international student admissions.

Full Admission Requirements

  1. Undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher
  2. While all applicants are welcome to take the GMAT exam, those with an UG GPA of 3.0 or higher may request to have this requirement waived by completing a GMAT Score Waiver Request Form and emailing it to gradbusprograms@wtamu.edu. Alternately, you may submit an Electronic GMAT Score Waiver Request Form.
  3. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.
  4. Three letters of recommendation are required. At least one letter must be a professional colleague. The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business Recommendation Letter Form is available for downloading.
  5. Resume showing career progress
  6. Statement of goals for pursuing a graduate business degree
We recommend that you visit our MBA Application Guide for details about how to apply to our program. The guide includes all of the links, email addresses, and street addresses that are relevant to the application process.

M.B.A. Requirements (31 to 46 graduate hours)

M.B.A. Foundation Courses (0 to 9 graduate hours)

We review the academic background of each applicant to determine whether they will need to complete foundation courses. The three areas in which applicants are most likely to need foundation courses are Financial Accounting, Statistics, and Corporate Finance, but might also include Economics, Management, Marketing, or Business Law.
  • Applicants with an undergraduate degree in business administration may or may not be required to take foundation courses.
  • Applicants with an undergraduate degree outside of business administration or an undergraduate degree in business administration may be required to take up to 9 semester hours from the following: ACCT 6300, ECON 6300, CIDM 6300, MGT 6300, MKT 6300, FIN 6300, and BUSI 6300. This determination is made by the associate dean. In addition, the associate dean may select more than 9 semester hours of foundation courses in special cases where student academic background in business administration, grade point average or work experience are limited.

M.B.A. Core Courses (28 graduate credit hours)

Accounting (select one - 3 credit hours)
  ACCT 6305: Accounting for Decision Making
  ACCT 6306: Seminar in Accounting
  ACCT 6370: Accounting in Health Care Organizations
Quantitative Analysis ­(select one - 3 credit hours)
  CIDM 6305: Quantitative Analysis in Business
  CIDM/ECON 6308: Seminar in Data Analytics
  CIDM 6320: Econometrics
Computer Application & Technology ­(select one 3 credit hours)
  CIDM 6310: Information Technology Management
  CIDM 6311: Social Network and Media Analysis
  CIDM 6350: Data and Information Management
Corporate Finance­ (select one 3 credit hours)
  FIN 6320:  Seminar in Finance
  FIN 6370: Financial Management of Biotechnology and Health Care
Marketing ­(select one 3 credit hours)
  MKT 6340: Seminar in Marketing
  MKT 6352: Seminar In Evolutionary Marketing
  MKT 6356: Marketing in the Age of Social Networks
Economic Theory (select one - 3 credit hours)
  ECON 6305: Seminar in Advanced Microeconomic Theory
  ECON 6306: Seminar in Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
Management ­(select one - 3 credit hours)
  MGT 6334: Seminar in Organizational Behavior
  MGT 6345: Seminar in Leadership
Business Integration ­(select one 3 credit hours)
  MGT 6318: Strategic Management
  MGT/CIDM 6390: Project Management for the Enterprise
  MKT 6348: Seminar in Marketing Strategy
International Business ­(select one 3 credit hours)
  BUSI 6333: Seminar in Intercultural Business Communication
  ECON 6341: Seminar in International Economics and Economic Development
  FIN 6323: Multinational Finance
  MGT 6330: Seminar in International Management
  MGT 6331: International Human Resource Management
  MGT 6338: Cultural Intelligence
  MKT 6319: Seminar in International Business and Marketing Strategy
MBA Portfolio (required capstone - 1 credit hour)
  BUSI 6105: MBA Portfolio

M.B.A. Courses for Emphasis Areas (3 to 9 graduate credit hours)

  • MBA-General Business*—three semester hours of graduate business electives.
  • MBA—Computer Information Systems— nine semester hours of graduate CIDM courses, which must include six hours from CIDM 6325, CIDM 6330, CIDM 6340, CIDM 6350, CIDM 6355, or CIDM 6363.  To join the MBA program with an emphasis in CIS, the person needs an undergraduate degree in CIS, MIS, CS, or technology related area of concentration or at least two years of work experience in the technology field.
  • MBA—Management*—nine semester hours of graduate management courses.
  • MBA—Marketing*—nine semester hours of graduate marketing courses.
  • MBA—Healthcare Management Emphasis— nine graduate hours from ACCT 6370, BUSI 5370, BUSI 6370, MGT 6370, MKT 6370, ECON 6370, FIN 6370, CIDM 6375/MGT 6375.  To join the MBA program with an emphasis in healthcare applicants need at least two years of work experience in the healthcare field or a closely related equivalent.

*An elective course may be any graduate-level course in the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business (except 6300 leveling courses) or, with approval from the associate dean of graduate business program, elective graduate courses may be taken outside the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business.

Leveling courses ACCT 6330, FIN 6300, and CIDM 6300 are not elective courses and can only be used to meet leveling requirements as part of degree completion. 

Course descriptions for graduate-level courses in the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business can be accessed from the West Texas A&M University Graduate Catalog.

To learn more about specific graduate course, please review the available course introductory videos

Contact Information
Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business
Office of Graduate Business Programs
Phone:  806.651.2500
Email:  gradbusprograms@wtamu.edu

Graduate Course Schedules  

Spring 2020   Summer 2020   Fall 2019  Winter 2019-2020

Registration for the 2020 winter and spring semester will begin at 8:00 am November 1, 2020 for all graduate students.