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  • B.B.A. - Management    Available 100% Online
  • B.B.A. - Management, Human Resource Management Specialization   Available 100% Online
  • Management Minor    Available 100% Online


Management is the use of behavioral science concepts, strategy and entrepreneurial thinking, to make decisions for effectively and efficiently running a profit or nonprofit business. The study of management includes learning what motivates people, how to optimize employee satisfaction and productivity; how to plan, organize, and control work; how to make decisions using information systems and quantitative information; learning whey there is a necessity of a formal hierarchy in larger organizations; and how to implement organizational strategies.

The first and most important skill that management courses offer students is how to deal with the human element in the workplace, whether through coworkers or employees. Students are challenged to improve their communication skills, learn to resolve conflicts and become better and more effective leaders. This may be accomplished through role playing, special projects, case studies or a variety of other methods. Students should develop the skills to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and make projects run more smoothly.

Second, managers have to know how to handle resources as well, from keeping a tab on finances to ensuring that everyone has the materials necessary to get their jobs done effectively and efficiently. Many courses will also focus on building skills in accounting and finance to ensure that managers stay within their required budgets and make the most of the resources they are allocated.

Finally, students should learn how to manage time wisely in a management degree program. Being a manager not only means keeping other people in line and on schedule but setting a good example as well. Time management, productivity, and other personal management skills are an essential part of keeping a business running smoothly.


  • MGT 3335 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 4311 - Business Ethics and Society
  • MGT 4330 - Critical Issues in Human Resources Management
  • MGT 4333 - Diversity and Cross Cultural Management or MGT 4335 - International Management
  • CIDM 4331 - Production Operations Management
  • 12 Hours of MGT Advanced Electives

For more details about courses required for this degree see the  Advising Services Degree Checklist Page.


Management is the organizational process that includes strategic planning, setting objectives, managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measuring results. Management majors gain the flexibility to apply their skills in a variety of settings. There are many career paths for management graduates, including positions with corporations, multinational corporations, governmental organizations, and not-for-profit entities in such areas as transportation and logistics, health care, energy, corporate administrator, operations manager, human resource management, leadership, entrepreneurship, international management, and planning in both services and manufacturing. Nearly all organizations--large or small, profit or nonprofit--offer a variety of management careers. Management positions require great communication skills, logical linear thinking, and comfort and competence in leading a team toward goals. The management degree program at West Texas A&M University provides general training and instruction in management along with the opportunity to take specialized elective courses.


Chief Executive Officer
Average wage (TX) - $172,280
Average wage (US) - $167,280

Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
Average wage (TX) - $53,370
Average wage (US) - $55,100

General & Operations Manager
Average wage (TX) - $110,900
Average wage (US) - $110,550

Human Resource Manager
Average wage (TX) - $40,930
Average wage (US) - $40,930

Management Analyst
Average wage (TX) - $78,870
Average wage (US) - $84,650

Office Manager
Average wage (TX) - $60,640
Average wage (US) - $59,070

Personnel Recruiter
Average wage (TX) - $58,630
Average wage (US) - $54,530

Service Manager
Average wage (TX) - $61,240
Average wage (US) - $61,240

Wage information taken from



Enactus is a student organization in the College of Business. Enactus uses a business mindset and an entrepreneurial approach to improve the quality of life and standard of living of people in need and help businesses achieve profitability.

As an AACSB accredited business school, the College of Business is eligible to pursue Beta Gamma Sigma (International Honors Society for Business students).

The College of Business supports an annual summer study abroad trip, which focuses on business and cross-cultural issues. Locations include Denmark, Sweden, England, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Cananda.


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