Mammalogy Lab (Biol4434L)

Lab #1 - Orders of mammals of the world (Lecture)
Lab #2 - Introduction, bones and structures of the mammalian skull, Teeth, Types of traps used in mammalogy
Lab #3 - Common Texas mammals, meanings of roots for scientific names of Texas mammals, skins of common species of Insectivora and Rodentia, Quiz 1
Lab #4 - Field trip -Mammal sign

Lab #5 - Mammalian skeleton, skins of Didelphimorphia, Lagomorpha, Chiroptera, and remaining Rodentia, Quiz 2

Lab #7 - Skins and skulls of Xenarthra, Carnivora, and Artiodactyla, Quiz 3
Lab #8 - Review for LAB EXAM I, Quiz 4
Lab #9 - Families of mammals of North America (Lecture)
Lab #10 - Skulls of Didelphimorphia, Insectivora, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, and Rodentia, Quiz 5
Lab #11 - Skulls of Chiroptera, analysis of prey in carnivore scats or owl pellets, Quiz 6
Lab #13 - Review of all material for LAB EXAM II, Quiz 7


Lab handouts in Word (suitable for printing)

Lab 2

Lab 3

Lab 5

Lab 7

Lab 10

Lab 11








This site contains images and information pertaining to the identification of mammals that occur in Texas with an emphasis on mammals of the Panhandle region.    The goal of this web is to serve as a resource for students taking Mammalogy and related courses at West Texas A&M University.  I hope that the site will be useful to other students, teachers, and members of the public (please let me know if you find the site useful).  The web is under construction and this will be especially evident in the fall of 2003.  The basic framework for the site should be in place by the winter of 2003-2004 with additional material being added as photographs become available and time permits.  The majority of the information in this web was created by Raymond S. Matlack and Ryan L. Rehmeier while they were graduate students at Kansas State University.  This site is currently maintained by Ray Matlack.    If you have comments or questions concerning anything on the pages of this web, please contact Ray Matlack.