Publication and Editing Experience

N. Pecora , E.M. Osei-Hwere & U. Carlsson (Eds.). (2008). African media, African children. 2008 Year Book for UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media.  Göteborg, Sweden: Nordicom.

Osei-Hwere, E. M. (2008). The state of children’s media and challenges of the industry in Africa In N. Pecora, E.M. Osei-Hwere & U. Carlsson (Eds.) African media, African children: Who's making the decisions. Göteborg, Sweden: Nordicom.

Guest reviewer for Ecquid Novi – South African Journal for Journalism Research, July 2007

Conference Presentations

N. Pecora & E.M Osei-Hwere. The State of Children’s Media in Africa. (A paper accepted to the 2008 Global Fusion Conference Athens Ohio, October 31- November 3)

P.V Osei-Hwere & E. M Osei-Hwere. Advocacy and HIV/AIDS Related Stigma in Ghana: An Examination of Extramedia Influences on the Framing of a Public Health Issue. (A paper accepted to the 2008 International Association of Media and Communication Research Convention Stockholm, Sweden July 20 – 25)

E.M. Osei-Hwere & P.V. Osei-Hwere. Nollywood: A multilevel analysis of the international flow of Nigerian video films. (A paper presented at the 2008 Conference of the International Communication Association Montreal, Canada May 22 – 26, 2008)

E.M. Osei-Hwere & A. Manning. From Theory to Practice: Intentionality in Programming in Residence Life. (A program presented at Ohio College Personnel Association Conference, Worthington, Ohio USA January 30 –February 2, 2008

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P.V. Osei-Hwere & E. M. Osei-Hwere. Ghanaian concert party theater: An examination of the structural, narrative, and thematic characteristics as an effective medium for social change (Entertainment-Education and the Global Africa Experience Conference, April 2004)

E. M. Osei-Hwere. Street children in Ghana: Emerging street families and challenges for development workers (Children of the World Conference, Ohio University, 2001)

Grants and Awards – Ohio University Athens, Ohio