I am from Ghana, West Africa where my parents and two sisters still live. I try to visit Ghana at least once a year since I moved to the States. I moved to Athens Ohio to pursue my graduate education. I am married to my best friend Patrick Osei-Hwere and we currently live in Amarillo, Texas. We really enjoy travelling and learning about different parts of the world and spending time with our friends and family, especially the children, as reflected in the photographs on this page.

One of the things I really love and enjoy is music and I do a little singing myself. In 2004 I collaborated with Patrick to produce a gospel CD titled “Wait”, with most of the songs written and composed by Patrick. Patrick and I traveled back to Ghana in the summer of 2005 to launch the CD along with a small tour which was very successful. I have since done some promotion of the CD in the United States and the United Kingdom during holidays.