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Nursing (RN) Program

Nursing (R.N. to B.S.N.)

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Dr. Marietta Branson

program accreditation and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

The RN to B.S.N. Nursing Program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The program is approved through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Board of Nursing.

Benefits of the B.S.N. degree to a nurse include:

  • Advancement into management and other healthcare leadership positions
  • Opportunities for higher wages and higher level nursing positions
  • Opportunities in more diverse fields, such as risk management and quality assurance
  • More potential for employment across the state and nationally

PLAN OF STUDY and information Documents

Advising Checklist
More detailed information about R.N. to B.S.N.

RN to B.S.N. Handbook


  • The RN to B.S.N. program can be completed in one academic year
  • The program is flexible and completely online.  There will be practicum experiences, demonstrating the new knowledge acquired throughout the program.  
  • You can begin coursework either Spring, Summer or Fall semester.
  • Courses stand alone and can be taken as offered. 
  • Opportunity for Special Package Price Tuition Rebate; for those students who qualify.


RN to B.S.N. graduates are awarded a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree. WTAMU also offers a Master of Science in Nursing through a sister program of RN to M.S.N.

Accelerated RN to M.S.N. Option

ADN or Diploma degreed registered nurses (RNs) have the option to complete an accelerated path to the master of science in the nursing (M.S.N.) degree. Students will complete course work toward the B.S.N./M.S.N. degree as described below:
  • Complete required core and general education requirements for the B.S.N. degree (56 semester credit hours).
  • Complete required RN to BSN Nursing major courses in the undergraduate nursing curriculum (21 semester credit hours).
  • Receive credit from prior nursing education in ADN and diploma programs (escrow; 34 semester credit hours).
  • Receive WTAMU Graduate School acceptance.
  • Complete M.S.N. courses (39-40 semester credit hours-Comprehensive MSN; or 46 semester credit hours - FNP).
  • Total semester credit hours for degree (150 semester credit hours - Comprehensive MSN); (157 semester credit hours - FNP).
  • A dual B.S.N./M.S.N. degree will be awarded after successful completion of the requirements shown above.
  • Student must meet all graduation requirements.
  • Accelerated RN to M.S.N. programs available include Comprehensive M.S.N. (Major code 5713); and FNP (Major code 5717).
For more information, reference the M.S.N. program information.


Median wage (WTAMU B.S.N.) - $40,000-$50,000

Median wage (US) - $50,000


RN to B.S.N.  admission

Eligible RN to B.S.N. applicants will:


WTAMU offers a good value in standard tuition and fees. Please access the cost calculator below to see specific costs.

 Cost Calculator
WTAMU Nursing Department also offers a Special Tuition Rebate with a Package Cost of $6,950 for the RN to BSN nursing courses to in-state residents who qualify.
Core academic and additional nursing pre-requisite courses (including NURS 3304) are not included in the Special Tuition Rebate, RN to MSN students do not qualify for the Special Tuition Rebate program.




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