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desk Introduction


Math isn't the only thing that I help students with. Sometimes I find myself being a cheerleader or even a stress manager for the student. This section gives you some tips on things you can do to help relieve at least a little bit of the stress. I know I can't make it totally stress free. To do that we would have to get rid of the test all together and you know that isn't going to happen. But any little bit that I can do I think will help you in the long run.

If this is your first visit to our website, please read the disclaimer.

Unless otherwise noted, these tips can apply to taking the math part of either the TSI Assessment or Accuplacer test.

desk The Grueling Days Leading up to the Test


add Review Math Before Taking the Test:

If you are reading this, then you are on the right track. In my vast experiences of helping students get ready for various math tests, I have found that just plain old fashion practice practice practice has the highest success rate. You want to make sure you stretch those brain muscles before you take your test.

I know it is not glamorous, exciting or quick, but I found that most of the students that I have worked with who have gone on to pass math tests worked through math problems, asking questions about them as they arose.

The more different types of questions you look at the more comfortable and familiar you will get with working with the various types of questions. So when it gets to the real deal you will be ready to go full steam ahead!!!

If you haven't done so already, check out our Math Help page. This page will link you to math tutorials that will cover concepts you need to know for the test.

add Take Practice Tests:

Once you have reviewed your math and have polished up those basic math skills, then you should look at some practice tests.

This will help you become familiar with the different types of questions that will come your way on the test.

It will also help you get used to the directions that you will see on the test, which can help you save time when you take it.

If you haven't done so already, take the practice TSI Assessment.

add DO NOT Cram the Night Before the Test:

Yes, do go over math problems, but do not try to do it all the night before and don't over do it the night before. If you try to overload your brain in a short time it might explode during the test (or at least feel like it)  :-)

add DO NOT Stay Up All Night:

Yes, I do know that it might be hard to get to sleep early on the eve of the big test, however try not to stay up all night. I have had students say they were up all night before a test and literally fell asleep during the test. Even if you don't go to sleep, your brain will be tired and consequently you will not be able to perform to your full potential.

desk The Moment of Truth: Test Day Part I, "AKA The Mom Knows Best Segment"


add Make Sure That You Bring Two Forms of ID:

Chances are when you go to take either the TSI Assessment or ACCUPLACER test, they will ask you for two forms of ID, one of which needs to have a picture of you on it.  It is good to bring these just in case.

You may want to check with the testing center you are signed up to take the test with to verify this.

add Eat Something Before Going in to Take the Test - OK MOM!!!!


Chances are you will be taking the test over several hours. The last thing you need is your stomach howling at you while you are trying to remember a formula.

I know that when I'm hungry I can forget my own name :-).

desk The Moment of Truth: Test Day Part II, "Tips to Help You through the Test"


add When the Test Starts REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!!!!:

I know that some of you are scared to death at the thought of having to take a math test of any kind. For you guys, try to relax and don't forget to breathe.

(Even if you aren't scared to take a math test, it is probably a good idea to remember to breathe. I wouldn't want you to pass out during the test.)

add Think Through Each Problem:

Some of the problems will be a combination of several ideas in one problem. Think through what the problem is asking for, then put it all together.

add Make Sure You Answer ALL the Questions on the Test:

You are not penalized for answering a question wrong versus leaving it blank.  So it is to your advantage to answer all questions.

If you are taking the test on the computer, you must answer the question on your screen before you can move on to the next question.

If you do not know the answer to the question, take an educated guess and go on.

add If You Do Not Come Up With a Solution That They Have Listed, Work the Problem Again:

If your answer doesn't match any of the choices that you have, rework the problem again. 

Chances are you will not make the same arithmetic mistakes twice in a row. 




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