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Sometimes, the questions that I get from students are not math questions but questions pertaining to general information about the GRE test or graduate school.  For example, where do I go to take the test, when do I need to take it, how much does it cost to take the test, etc.

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The following are some helpful links to websites that can answer your questions about general GRE information or graduate school.

  desk Helpful Links

This website is put together by the  Graduate School at West Texas A&M University.  If you don't know where you want to go to graduate school check it out. 

Did you know that there are some Master's degrees that you can get online at WT?

This website is provided by the Educational Testing Services,  which is the organization that creates the GRE tests.  It has a lot of great information about the test, test registration, test takers with disabilities, test preparation, scores and score reporting, services, and educator information.

This website is provided by the ETS,  which is the organization that creates the GRE tests.  It has a lot of great general information about different tests.

This website provides an overview of the GRE as well as practice questions.  It will help you with all aspects of the test.

This website provides free college test preps, including one for the GRE.  It will help you with all aspects of the test.


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