1. I am a two-time WT graduate married to Cory Bruce, í94 (BS in agriculture), í06 (MBA). We met in 1990 at WT.

2. We have three kids, Abby, 11, Luke, 7, and Caleb, 5. They got their blonde hair from us. Believe it not, we were once blonde.

3. Iíve worked in public relations for more than 15 years. Everyday is an incredible challenge and a privilege.

4. I like to write. A lot of people need a professional to write the messages their publics receive. And, being paid to do something you love is fun.

5. I have two sisters. Jana in Nashville with her family and Amy lives two doors down the street. She is known as Mrs. Duggan at Reeves-Hinger Elementary School. (sister picture)

6. My sisters and I all grew up in Clovis, N.M., where my dad was a lawyer and then a district judge.

7. My mom was a teacher most of her career before she became a full-time Nana. Thank goodness.

8. I like getting to know students and their aspirations. It is important to me to help them achieve their goals.

9. Iím really bad at remembering music titles and artists. But I like to watch American Idol and listen to Air1  

10. I like Diet Coke and my klean kanteen.