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Business Office
Old Main, Room 104
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Cashier Window Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please be advised: Beginning February 1, 2018, West Texas A&M University will no longer have the capabilities to accept payment over the phone. Students and parents can find detailed information on different payment methods available on our Payment Methods and Deadlines webpage.

Shelly Davis
Associate Vice President/Controller

Bernice Burnside
Administrative Associate IV


Julie A Harvell­­

Manager of Student Receivables Area
Student accounts wire transfers
Student billing
State reporting


Todd McNeill
Director of Finance

Manager of University accounts
Manager of Accounting Systems Reporting

Don P Adams
Financial Accountant II

        Tax accountant
        IRS reporting

Kendra Braughton
Collection Specialist

  • Student credit balances
  • Past due student balances
  • Student accounts at collections
  • Student accounts in write off
  • General student billing questions

Financial Accountant I

  • Emergency loans
  • Housing deposit management
  • RN to BSN tuition rebates
  • State of Texas tuition rebates
  • General student billing questions

Sharla Browne
Financial Accountant I

Post Awards Grant Accounting Assistant

Renee Brummett
Financial Accountant I

  • Chart of Accounts
    Object Codes
    Electronic Checks

Lauren  Cazarez
Financial Accountant IV

Post Award Grants Manager
AP Manager
Pass through

Hsiao-Ping Chen
Financial Accountant II

  • Internal journal entry
  • University utility payment
  • Internal charges
  • Account adjustment and corrections

Financial Accountant III
  • Fixed assets
    Accounts payable recon


Karen Fox
Financial Accountant I

  • State vouchers
  • Lost student refund checks
Lynn Garrett
Financial Services Representative
  • Student account payments
  • University deposits
  • Emergency loan payments
  • General student billing questions


Cindy Grabbe
Financial Specialist I

  • Vouchers for non-state accounts
  • Vouchers for student refunds
  • Vouchers for travel reimbursements

Misty C Hobbs
Assistant Bursar

  • Sponsored Billing
  • Student withdrawals
  • Dishonored checks
  • General student billing questions

Pam Holcomb
Financial Accountant II

  • Post Award Grant Invoicing
  • Post Award Grant Reconcilation

Diane King
Financial Specialist III

  • Travel vouchers
  • Travel card
  • CBA card

Financial Practitioner I

  • Student billing
  • Student billing questions
    Cost of attendance questons

Chinhda Sysombath
Financial Accountant II

USAS and Foundation Accounting
State reporting
A&M Systems reporting­
Campus PCI compliance