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Rules and Procedures

West Texas A&M University Rules and Procedures

Note: These rules and procedures must be reviewed in conjunction with related System Policies and System Regulations.


Civil Rights Compliance
Section A: Governance, Organization and Administration
Procedure No. 01.01.01.W1/PR Development of Rules and Distribution of Policies, Regulations, and Rules
Rule No. 08.01.01.W1 Civil Rights Compliance
Procedure No. 61.99.01.W0.01 Records Management
Section B: Academic and Research Programs
Rule No. 11.07.99.W1 Granting of Honorary Degrees
Rule No. 11.08.99.W1 Award of Posthumous Degrees
Rule No. 15.01.01.W1 Research Grants and Contracts
Rule No. 15.01.03.W1 Financial Conflict of Interest in Research
Rule No. 15.02.99.W1 Export Controls
Rule No. 15.99.01.W1 Use of Human Subjects in Research
Rule No. 15.99.06.W1 Use of Biohazards in Research, Teaching and Testing
Rule No. 15.99.07.W1 Use of Vertebrate Animals
Rule No. 15.99.03.W1 Ethics in Research, Scholarship and Creative Work: Research Misconduct
Procedure No. 16.01.01.W1 Consumer Information Disclosure Requirements Related to Misrepresentation
Procedure No. 32.01.01W1.2 Faculty Ombuds Officer
Procedure No. 12.01.01.W1.1 Financial Exigency, and Termination or Reduction of Programs
Rule No. 12.01.99.W1 Granting Extension of Tenure Probationary Period
Procedure No. 12.02.01.W1/AA Promotion and Tenure
Procedure No. 12.07.01.W1 Fixed Term Academic Professional Track Faculty
Procedure No. 12.99.01 Faculty Development Leave
  Faculty Handbook
Procedure No. 12.99.99.W1/AA Annual Review of Faculty Performance
Rule No. 13.04.99.W1 Student Travel
Procedure No. 13.04.99.W1.01 Student Travel Procedures

Procedure No. 13.10.99

Academic Probation and Suspension
Procedure No. 13.99.99.W1.01 FA Student Athlete Appeals Procedures
Section C: Finance and Operations
Rule No. 25.07.99.W1 Contract Administration
Rule No. 21.99.04.W1 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property
Rule No. 21.99.10.W1 Software Licensing
Procedure No. 24.01.01.W0.03 Skate, Scooter, Bike and Board Activity on Campus
Procedure No. WTAMU Safety Manual
Rule No. 24.01.06.W1 Programs for Minors
Procedure No. 24.01.06 Camps and Programs for Minors Procedures
Procedure No. 24.01.99.W0.01 Space Request Procedure
Rule No. 24.02.02.W1 Visitor Safety-Access Control Program
Rule No. 24.99.99.W1 Security of Electronic Information Resources
Rule No. Pets and Service Animals on Campus
Rule No. 25.99.08.W1 Use of Cellular and Regular Long Distance Service
Procedure No. 25.99.99.W1.01 Communication Allowances
Delegation of Authority WTAMU President's Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration
Rule No. 25.06.01.Wl Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Rule
Section D: Human Resources
Rule No. 31.01.08.W1 Merit Salary Increases
Procedure No. 31.03.03.W0.01 Meritorious Leave Procedure
Rule No. 31.03.03.W1 Unsafe Working and Travel Conditions
Rule No. 31.05.01.W1 Faculty Consulting, External Professional Employment, and Conflicts of Interest
Rule No. 32.01.02.W1 Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Non-Faculty Employees
Rule No. 33.01.01.W1 Political Campaign Events
Rule No. 33.04.99.W1 Rules for Responsible Information Technology Usage
Rule No. 33.99.01 Filling Staff Vacancies
Procedure No. 33.99.03.W0.01 Non-Faculty Employee Performance Evaluations Procedures
Procedure 33.99.04.W0 Performance Evaluation Procedures for Members of President's Cabinet and Academic Deans
Rule No. 33.99.99.W1 Criminal History Information
Rule No. 34.02.01.W0.01 Substance Abuse Prevention
Rule No. 34.02.01.W2 Substance Abuse Prevention Rule for DOT-Regulated Employees
Procedure No. 34.03.01.W0.01 Tailgate Events with Alcohol at Home Football Games
Rule No. 34.05.02.W1 Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products
Rule No. 34.06.02.W1 Carrying Concealed Handguns on Campus

If a WTAMU rule or procedure doesn't exist or if a WTAMU rule or procedure is silent on a subject, then employees should reference the relevant TAMUS policy/regulation.

Section E: Facilities, Planning and Construction

Rule No. 51.06.00.W1

Naming of Buildings and Other Entities

Procedure No. 51.99.01 WTAMU Alumni Banquet Facility Internal Procedures
Procedure No. 51.99.W02 Classroom Occupancy Procedure
Section F: Information Resources
 Rule No. 21.99.10.W1 Software Licensing
 Rule No. 33.04.99.W1 Rules for Responsible Information Technology Usage
 Rule No. 24.99.99.W1 Security of Electronic Information Resources
 Rule No. 29.01.04.W1 Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.01 Guidelines on Network Scanning
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.02 Acceptable Use
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.03 Account Management
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.04 Administrator Access
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.05 Authorized Software
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.06 Backup Recovery
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.07 Change Management
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.08 Email and Electronic Communications
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.09 Firewall Management
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.10 Incident Management
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.11 Internet/Intranet Usage
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.12 Intrusion Detection
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.13 Malicious Code
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.14 Network Access
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.15 Network Configuration
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.16 Password Authentication
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.17 Peer to Peer
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.18 Physical Access
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.19 Platform Management
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.20 Portable Computing
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.21 Privacy
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.22 Security Awareness and Training
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.23 Security Monitoring
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.24 Server Hardening
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.25 System Development and Acquisition
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.26 Third Party Access
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.27 Wireless
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.28 Data Classification and Protection
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.29 Information Security Risk Assessment Reviews
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.30 Notification of Unauthorized Disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information 
 Procedure No. 24.99.99.W1.31 Encryption
 Procedure 29.01.04.W1.01 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Resources [DRAFT]
Section G: Information and Communications
Public Information Act Compliance
Procedure No. 61.01.02.W1.01/BF Public Information (Open Records Request)