Raymond S. Matlack, Ph.D.
Professor of Wildlife Biology
Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences
WTAMU Box 60808, Canyon, TX 79016

Phone: (806) 336-1904 (cell)
E-mail: rmatlack@wtamu.edu

@unlikelyprofessor (Instagram)

Texas Wild is everywhere @TexasWildEdu

  Matlack with Canon camera 

Palo Duro Canyon - located about 13 miles from WTAMU


Matlack filming critters 

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January 2017 - There is course material available and much more is coming! I'm currently working to update my personal web pages focusing on Ornithology, Natural History of Vertebrates, and Wildlife Management throughout this spring

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Class Information

Wildlife Conservation (Bio2374)

Wildlife Management (Biol3374)

Natural History of Vertebrates (Bio3420)

Field Biology (Bio3099/5099)

Ornithology (Bio4433/5433)

Mammalogy (Bio4434/5434)

Animal Behavior (Biol4335/5335)

Zoogeography (Biol6312)




Research Interests
General Interests



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