West Texas A&M University

Constitution Day Resources

by Dr. John David Rausch, Jr. and Mary S. Rausch

Painting of the
                          Signing of the Constitution

A number of different institutions have created very useful collections, so we link to them.  Most of these pages include references to the federal law mandating recognition of Constitution Day.

Constitution Day Guide - Produced by the staff of the Cornette Library at West Texas A&M University

Commemorating Constitution Day and Citizenship Day - United States Department of Education

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day - Law Library of Congress

Constitution Center

Constitution Daily - blog from the National Constitution Center

United States Constitution - United States Department of Defense

Observing Constitution Day - National Archives

Constitution Day - St. Mary's University School of Law

Constitution Day - Thoughtco

Constitution Day Teacher Resources - Library of Congress

Celebrate Constitution Day - Scholastic

Landmark Supreme Court Cases - interpreting the Constitution

Convention of States

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Primary Documents in American History: United States Constitution - Library of Congress

Guide to Constitution Day - Georgetown Law Library

The Founders' Constitution - joint venture of the University of Chicago Press and the Liberty Fund

U.S. Constitution Annotated - Legal Information Institute

Constitution Annotated - Congress.gov

"Reading Between the Battle Lines of the Constitution: An Annotated Guide" - The New York Times

"Is Constitution Day Unconstitutional?" - Lyle Denniston, Huffington Post

"Is Constitution Day Constitutional?" - Nelson Lund, Green Bag

"Happy Constitution Day!" - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate.com

"Constitutional" - podcast from The Washington Post

The Texas Constitution
Constitutional Amendments - Texas Legislative Council

Dr. Dave Rausch is Teel Bivins Professor of Political Science and Mary Rausch is Catalog Librarian, both at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.

For more information about the United States Constitution or Constitution Day, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dave Rausch at jrausch@wtamu.edu or Mary Rausch at mrausch@wtamu.edu.

Updated September 7, 2017