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Dr. Dave Rausch
Teel Bivins Professor of Political Science
Certified Distance Educator (University of Wisconsin, 2004)

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My C.V.
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Teaching Resources - page of links to teaching resources

"Constitutionally Defining Marriage in a Non-Presidential Election Year: A Study of the Vote in Two States" - Presented at the 6th annual State Politics and Policy Conference, Lubbock, Texas, May 2006. 

 "To Drop or Not to Drop?: Understanding Attrition in Online Education" - Presentation at the 2003 Annual University of Texas System Conference on Instructional Technology and Distance Education, Odessa, Texas.

Rausch Schools
University of Alaska

University of Oklahoma

Interesting Political Stuff
Texas House of Representatives
Texas Senate

City of Canyon, Texas
Code of Ordinances

- treasury of political information
Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society

Genealogy of Term Limit Groups - some research from my dissertation

Citing in the Social Sciences
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Following is a very brief list of Internet resources for citing material in the Social Sciences:

APSA Documentation - from the Writer's Handbook produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center.

Online Citation Style.

Internet Citation Guides - meta-index compiled by librarians at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Memorial Library

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