Ivo of Chartres: work in progress

This site is intended to have four elements: draft texts and some concordances for the three Collections traditionally associated with Ivo of Chartres, the Collectio Tripartita, the Decretum and the Panormia, and a draft list of manuscripts which contain a significant number of Ivo’s letters. The list of manuscripts of the letters will be added shortly. Each element differs in its method of construction, the contribution made by each of those involved, and in its state of development. The principles on which they have been prepared are explained in the introduction to each. Throughout our work we have drawn very heavily on the support of the Stephan Kuttner Institute for Medieval Canon Law at Munich. Special thanks are due to the President, Professor Peter Landau, and to Dr Joerg Müller for their unfailing generosity.

The purpose of making such provisional texts available, with all their errors and gaps, is to encourage others to correct and develop what we have done for the common profit. It is our hope that the collaborative work of other scholars will over time convert these first sketches into a solid body of secure learning. Accordingly, we ask any who use the site to inform us of our errors and supply our deficiencies. We have already received a great deal of assistance from others, whose names are listed in the introduction to each text, and undertake to identify the contribution of all our further correspondents in any later revision of the site. The contributors claim no copyright (though they would be almost as gratified by any acknowledgement of their work as they would be by just criticism), and they do not intend to pre-empt a more systematic publication by others. On the contrary, they hope it may provoke one. The website is maintained by Bruce Brasington (bbrasington@mail.wtamu.edu), who is jointly responsible for the Panormia section. The Tripartita texts and annotated Decretum are principally the responsibility of MB (mb110@cam.ac.uk), with much help from Bruce and others listed there; the handlist of manuscripts of the letters is the work of Christof Rolker.