Alcohol Awareness -  A 1 hour graphic presentation covering statistics and risks for college age binge drinking, risks of alcohol use, and laws related to underage drinking and drinking and driving. Presentation may be extended for demonstration and use of Fatal Vision "Beer Goggles". Presented upon request throughout the year.

Domestic/Dating Violence - A 50 minute to 1 hour presentation dealing with the cycle of violence, ways to avoid or get out of a threatening relationship, and reporting options. Presented upon request throughout the year.

Crime Prevention - A 50 minute to 1 hour presentation giving a brief overview of theft prevention and awareness, Operation Lockout Theft, personal safety, and alcohol awareness. Presented upon request throughout the year.

Operation Dark Star - An active program that encourages students and employees to report poor lighting conditions to UPD. A schedule of inspections are conducted each semester by UPD officers.

Bomb and Biochemical threats - Program directed towards faculty and staff about possible threats of bombs and biochemical incidents. Presented upon request. 3x annually.

Operation LockOut Theft - Program that helps students mark their belongings and record vital information in the event something is stolen. Information is retained by UPD to facilitate faster reports in theft cases and increase the likelihood of recovery.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention - A 50 minute to 1 hour detailed presentation covering statistics of college sexual assault, myths, methods of prevention, methods for reporting (both under Title IX and to police), SANE information, and other resource information for students. The program presentation can be extended to include short activities geared to heighten sensitivity toward survivors of sexual assault. Presented upon request throughout the year.

Hazing - A 30 to 50 minute program that covers the laws and information pertaining to hazing, the dangers of hazing, preventative measures, and reporting options.

UPD Intro - A basic 20-25 minute program which covers general information about UPD including crime statistics, services offered, and educational programs. 

Start by Believing - A public awareness campaign dedicated to ending the cycle of silence regarding sexual assault. The program runs about one hour, but can be modified to fit shorter or longer time frames if needed. The focus of the program is to give our community a better understanding of what the campaign is about. WTAMU is a Start by Believing campus and we will continue to work towards getting more of the community engaged with this campaign.

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) - An active shooter awareness and response training designed to provide proactive strategies to counter an active threat. The program is particularly useful in the K-12 setting, although it can be successfully adapted to higher education, healthcare facilities, businesses, government buildings, and houses of worship.

CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) - CRASE is a course designed around the Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) strategy of responding to an active attack. The course presents the history of active shooter events, civilian response options, and  medical issues so your school, businesses, and community members can be prepared for such an event. The typical course length is approximately two hours. 

Drugs - A 45-50 minute presentation about drugs, current drug trends, and resource information for help and recovery.

Trafficking Awareness - A 45-50 minute program covering the basics of human trafficking, warning signs, recruitment methods, common misconceptions, and resource information.

Distracted Driving - A 15-20 minute program covering the dangers of distracted driving and distracted walking. An interactive obstacle course can be added to this program for demonstration purposes.