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We understand that being a student can be tough. As a student you are adjusting to a new place, new people, and new schedule while seeking to be successful. The BUFF Mentoring program is designed to help ease the transition to college life through offering a positive support network for first year students with highly trained student mentors.  

Going through your freshmen year, you are building a foundation for your college career. Just like a house needs a strong foundation to last several years, the BUFF (Building Up a Future Foundation) Mentoring Program will assist you in building a strong foundation to be successful not only in college but in your future career.  

What's expected of a Mentee?

A BUFF Mentee must be a Freshmen on the campus of West Texas A&M University. Mentees should be committed to making the experience valuable. Mentees should take initiative to meet and/or communicate with your mentor on a regular basis. There will also be scheduled social events and information sessions available for mentees to attend. Mentees will learn how to get involved while making new friends. They will also learn how to utilize the university's resources and explore opportunities at the college. 

What's expected of a BUFF Mentor?

A BUFF Mentor is either a sophomore, junior or senior WT student in good academic standing. Each mentor is responsible for coordinating weekly meetings, study groups or social events with their assigned mentees. Currently there are 12 BUFF Mentors which will be assigned 3 to 5 mentees each.  The mentors will assist the mentees through their transition to college life by providing mentees with guidance and advice.  BUFF Mentor Bios

How to Apply:

Please complete the Mentee Sign Up Form. Interested freshmen students can apply during the Fall or Spring Semester. Once the applications are received, the BUFF Mentors will be paired with the BUFF Mentees based on common interests and major, however we cannot guarantee a mentee will be paired with a mentor of the same major.   

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