Teaching abroad is not just for students majoring in English or Education!  Teaching abroad provides international work experience and a chance to develop skills in the host country's language, cross-cultural communication and competence, time management, self-sufficiency and leadership.  It is a chance to challenge yourself and move beyond your comfort zone. These skills are valuable in any career.

The U.S. Department of State hosts The Office of Overseas Schools with information for individuals who hold teaching credentials and are seeking placements in private and U.S. government affiliated schools overseas.

Students interested in finding certificate or degree programs for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
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Oberlin College International Teaching programs list:

China Education Initiative:

In partnership with the worldwide Teach for All network, Teach for China recruits top students from the U.S. and China to teach in under-resourced Chinese schools.

Council on International Educational Exchange:

Teach English in China, Chile, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam

English Open Doors (Chile):

Teaching volunteers work alongside Chilean classroom teachers for English language instruction.

French Ministry of Education:

 Work as an English teaching assistant in elementary and secondary public schools in France or in the overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion.

Fulbright Scholarship English Teaching Assistantship (ETA):

 Offered through the Fulbright Scholarship Program for U.S. Students, ETA positions are available in 65 countries. Recipients are usually placed in schools or universities outside of capital cities.

Japan AEON and AMITY:

Offers opportunities to teach English to children and adults in schools located throughout Japan.

Japan Interac (English language and culture training network):

Interac subcontracts Assistant Language Teachers and Corporate Language Consultants to public and private schools, corporations and Japanese governmental organizations.

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET):

 Participants work as assistant language teachers, coordinators for international relations or sports exchange advisors in schools and communities across Japan.

North American Language and Culture Assistants (Spain): homepage: and the grant application:

Teach English in elementary and secondary schools throughout Spain.

Pardada Pardidi Educational Society (India):

Teach English to elementary and secondary school students and work on community service projects in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Peace Corps:

Volunteers serve in 76 countries providing expertise in areas such as: education, community development, healthcare, business. technology and the environment.

English Program in Korea (EPIK):

Affiliated with the South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,  participants work with students in elementary and secondary schools and also train Korean teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Teach ESL Korea (TESLK):

TESLK helps native English-speaking university graduates find job placements at elementary and secondary schools in major cities in South Korea.

Teach and Learn in Korea (TALK):

The Teach and Learn in Korea (TALK) program is sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Participants teach English in after-school classes in rural south Korean elementary schools.

World Teach:

Teaching positions in elementary and secondary schools, and universities for English, Mathematics and other content areas are available in China, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific Islands.