Health and Wellness Promotion

Maroon Dept. LogoWe are informing students on healthy lifestyle choices and resources to educate them on how to thrive campus!


Student Wellness Fair
January 30th
JBK Legacy Hall

Healthy Relationship Week
February 6th-9th
Various locations
10am-Noon, 2-4pm

Safe Spring Break
March 6th-9th
JBK Commons
10am-Noon, 2-4pm

Sexual Assault Awareness/STD Testing
April 12th
JBK Commons
11am -1pm

Walk Across Texas w/Staff & Faculty Competition
Jan. 30th-Mar. 26th
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Relaxation Week
April 24th-25th
Various Locations-LOOK FOR US
10am-Noon, 2-4pm

We also offer Presentations for Orgs, IDS classes, etc...

  • Cold & Flu
  • Sexual Health
  • Being Active
  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Health/Mindfulness

Please come by and visit us for more information on events or resources to help you thrive holistically here on campus.

Darcy Webber
Coordinator of Health and Wellness Promotion
VHAC 121