International Student Orientation Registration

Details Concerning Orientation:

  • Due to the COVID-19 social distancing requirements, Fall 2021 orientation will be held online.
  • In general, on-campus orientation is several days long with several breaks in between sessions. However, due to the current situation, this highly important information must now be presented online.
  • It is very important for students to review all the information presented in the online orientation to ensure an easy and informative transition to campus and or as an online student.
  • The information presented is best if viewed over a period of several days, reviewing a few sections each day.
  • The topics introduce in orientation include advising and registration topics; health and safety; classroom culture; employment and visa status topics (mostly for students in F1 visa status).
  • We realize not all the information in the online orientation is relevant to all students since many topics are more suited to undergraduate versus graduate students and F1 visa status students versus students in other visa categories. However, we hope you will find it helpful in many ways.
  • Be sure to login to the orientation with your full first and last name and your Student (BUFF) ID. If you enter as a guest, you will not receive credit for the orientation and will not be allowed to register for classes.

Link to International Online Orientation