In order to receive an I-20 from West Texas A&M University, you must show proof of finances for the costs of one year of attendance to the school for the I-20 to be processed. 


To Show Private Funds

Private funds can be supported by the student, friends or family members.  Financial support can come from inside or outside the United States. If you will use private funds to support your education at WTAMU, please provide the following:

Bank Letter: 

  • Should be current. The bank letter(s) should include the current ending balance. Bank statement(s) need to show the most current monthly statement with an ending balance.
  • Should be official. The bank letter should be on official company Letterhead/Stationery. Bank statement should clearly identify document source (monthly mailed statement, online statement, statement by request, etc.) and include the account holder's name, type of account, bank name and branch.
  • Should be legible. Originals may be requested at West Texas A&M University's discretion
  • Should contain the specific amount of money available. The letter or bank statement must show liquid assets such as cash deposits, certificates of deposit, saving accounts, etc. Statements regarding property, jewelry, cars, loans and other non-liquid assets are NOT acceptable. Statements regarding investments such as stocks and bonds are also not acceptable.
  • Should contain the specific denomination and currency of the funds. It is acceptable that the funds are in currencies other than U.S. dollars.
  • Additional Information may be requested on a case by case basis
  • Sample Bank Statement

Personal Support Letter

  • Please have the individual who is supporting you complete the Sponsor’s Financial Letter and submit it with their financial documents
  • If your funding comes from multiple sponsors, each sponsor needs to provide this form, along with the bank statement.
  • Please note - West Texas A&M University will not accept Chartered Accountant Statements 


To Show Sponsoring Company/Agency/Government Funds 

If financial support for your educational expenses includes funds from your employer, special agency or government funds, please include the following information:  

Letter of Support

  • Letter should be written on employer, agency or government stationary
  • Letter should contain date - Date on letter should not be more than 6 months current to semester of intended university entry
  • Letter must include name of student, date of birth and student ID number
  • Letter should include beginning date and ending dates of financial support
  • Letter should include amount of financial support and kind of financial support that will be provided (Tuition, Books, housing, medical insurance) etc….
  • If company, agency or government intends to support additional family members, it must include this information in the support letter 

To Show University Funds

West Texas A&M University provides various forms of funding to students. The main types of university funds are academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, and graduate assistantships. Please contact your academic department for information concerning university funds.

The University always issues written offer letters to students for these awards. If you have been offered an award from West Texas A&M University this funding will be used as part of your financial resources for issuance of the I-20 form. If the university funding does not meet all your financial requirements, then you will need to show additional funding from another source. The International Office does not always receive notice of scholarships or assistantship from other departments. It is the responsibility to the student to provide the Int’l Office with a copy of your award letter before it can be used as part of financial support on the I-20 form. You may submit a copy of the award letter via email by sending it to Please include your student ID#.