I think I may have a learning disability. Does your office test students for learning disabilities? Is there a charge?

The SDS office is able to make referrals for testing to the University psychologist. The student must meet with the Director of SDS in order to be referred. If it is determined by the psychologist that the student is a good candidate for testing, there will not be a charge. 


I have a learning disability that is documented. Will I qualify for services such as extra time on exams or a distraction-free environment?

Each individual, along with the appropriate documentation, is evaluated on a case-by-case situation. If supporting documentation exists, possible accommodations may include extra time and a distraction-free environment.


Is the faculty aware and understanding of students with disabilities?

Faculty members at WTAMU are very understanding of student’s situations. They’re eager to work with students to create a positive and effective learning environment, while maintaining a high level of academic quality in the classroom.


I have a broken arm.  Can I receive services?

Temporary conditions are not generally covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, if a student is unable to write for themselves, we can temporarily provide services for testing purposes and note-taking assistance.


Will the information regarding my disability be kept confidential?

All information received and maintained in the SDS office is considered confidential and can’t be shared without the written consent of the student. The University makes every effort to protect and preserve the privacy of all students.


I have physical/mobility impairment. Are all buildings on campus accessible?

The University has made every effort to ensure access to all facilities. Although all areas within all buildings may not be accessible to wheelchair traffic, the majority of buildings have accessible door openers and/or elevators within the building.


How do I request an alternate format textbook?

You must be registered with SDS for the semester in order to request an audio version of a textbook. Under the link to the right of this page labeled Alternate Format Book Request, complete and submit one form for each book.