Career Services To-Do List For Getting A Job

To-Do List For Getting A Job

Check Off Each Step As You Complete It

Getting Started

  • _____ Set regular hours for my job search
  • _____ Made a schedule for the week and stuck to it
  • _____ Set up a record-keeping system


  • _____ Took MyPlan
  • _____ Met with a career counselor to review the results
  • _____ Took values and skills assessments
  • _____ Met with a career counselor to review the results
  • _____ Made a list of my skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • _____ Made a list of my job, internship and involvement experience
  • _____ Researched different kinds of jobs MyPlan suggested

Focus on careers that fit you

Important tools

  • _____ Made a list of important information I'll need for job applications
  • _____ Attended a resume workshop
  • _____ Wrote resumes that are targeted for each different job
  • _____ Wrote effective cover letters that are specific to the job to which I am applying
  • _____ Made a formal listing of 3-7 references
  • _____ Had my resume cover letter and references reviewed by Career Services
  • _____ Utilized my Handshake account and uploaded my resume

Finding job openings

  • _____ Regularly utilized Handshake to search for employers and job openings
  • _____ Did the online job search workshop, “Fundamental Truths About The Job Search
  • _____ Did the online job search workshop, “6 Doable Steps
  • _____ Watched the 4 Hidden Job Market DVDs in Career Services
  • _____ Watched related Candid Career Videos
  • _____ Asked faculty in my field about internship and job openings
  • _____ Asked friends and family members for job leads and names of other contacts
  • _____ Asked other people I know for job leads and names of other contacts.
  • _____ Joined professional associations related to my field and attended the meetings
  • _____ Joined civic organizations to strengthen my network and attended the meetings
  • _____ Utilized social networking sites such as LinkedIn
  • _____ Checked newspaper and online ads
  • _____ Contacted employers directly
  • _____ Visited the career center regularly to use resources


Starting a job

  • _____ Considered whether the job offer is right for me
  • _____ Received written agreement (if I accepted)
  • _____ Made a plan to continue to make a good impression
  • _____ Resolved to continue strengthening my 8 Cornerstones of Success
  • _____ Resolved to make the most of my new job
  • _____ Made a plan to review my job goals regularly

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