Career Services Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing Workshop - During the Interview


Asking Questions

Prepare ahead of time to ASK QUESTIONS!

Make sure they are appropriate. Now is not the time to ask about salary or benefits.

From all the research you have done ahead of time about the company, you should have a good idea about questions to ask in the interview.  Write down your questions on the writing pad inside your portfolio folder that you will carry into the interview. Don't expect to remember them off the top of your head.  Make sure you have at least 5-10 to ask, it is highly probable that the interviewer will answer several of them in the course of the interview.  You will only ask 1-3 of the questions you have written down.

Sample questions for teacher candidates to ask.

Sample questions to ask on the first interview:

  1. Identify a typical career path in your organization for someone with my qualifications. What is a realistic timeframe for advancement?
  2. How is an employee evaluated and promoted?
  3. What is the retention rate of individuals in the position for which I am interviewing?
  4. Describe the typical first-year assignments.
  5. Tell me about your initial as well as future training programs.
  6. What are the challenging facets of this job?
  7. What are the company's plans for future growth?
  8. What industry trends will occur in this company?
  9. What makes your firm different from its competitors?
  10. Describe the work environment.
  11. What are the company's strengths and weaknesses?
  12. How would you describe your corporation's personality and management style?
  13. Is it company policy to promote from within?
  14. Tell me the work history of your top management.
  15. What are your expectations for new hires?
  16. What is the overall structure of the department where this position is located?
  17. What qualities are you looking for in the right person for this position?
  18. What characteristics does a successful person have at your company?
  19. What type of training is available?
  20. What kind of ongoing professional development programs are available to help me continue to grow?
  21. Whom would I report to in this position?  What can you tell me about that person's management style?
  22. Any other questions brought about by your company research...

Go ahead and ask what their time line for hiring is so are able to follow up appropriately.  Inquire if there is additional information they need to assist them in evaluating your fit for the job.

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